Lara Herscovitch/Wingspan/ Single

Gregg Allman/Black Muddy River/Southern Blood

Gigi Love/Yosemite Gold/National Parks Centennial Songs

Hege Brynildsen/Please Remember Me/When My Man Comes To Town

Jim Gaudet And The Railroad Boys/Ink My Name/When It Rains

Antje Duvekot/ Half Light/Toward The Thunder

Bob Warren/All The Days Of The World/All The Days Of The World

Sylvia Bullett/Here/Flying Machine

David Maloney /Don't Think Twice Revisisted/My Father's Shoulders

Randall Kromm/Desert Stars/Rough And Polished Stones

Aaron Nathans And Michael G Ronstadt/Hang On For The Ride/Hang On For The Ride

Folkapotamus/Road To Nowheresville/Middle Of Nowhere

 Jonahli / Break the Ice/ Jonahi Folk Songs

Randall Kromm/Water Wheel/ Rough And Polished Stones

Uncle Bonsai/Problems/The Family Feast

Ken Dunn/Saskatoon/Wondrous Beauty

Aztec Two Step/Out On The Road Again/Naked

Michael Lusk/Lonely Days Without You/Single

Willie Watson/Samson and Delilah/Folksinger Vol. 2

Young and Rusty/Shadow On The Wall/Comeback Coming On

Emily Barnes/What are you Waiting For?/Let in the Light

Emily Mure/Worth/Worth

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KC Groves/Lyons Wedding Waltz/Happy Little Trees

Uncle Earl/Black-Eyed Susie/Waterloo, Tennessee

KC Groves / Snapshots of a Life/Something Familiar

Uncle Earl/The Fox/She Went Upstairs

Uncle Earl/Orphan Train/She Went Upstairs

KC Groves / Something that Happens/Something Familiar

Uncle Earl/Streak O' Lean, Streak O' Fat/Waterloo, Tennessee

KC Groves /Northern Lights/Happy Little Trees

KC Groves /Bluebird/Happy Little Trees

KC Groves /Annabelle/Happy Little Trees

KC Groves /Little Rain/Happy Little Trees

KC Groves /Lover's Return/Happy Little Trees

KC Groves /Universal Lullaby/Happy Little Trees

KC Groves /Train 45 /Happy Little Trees

KC Groves /I Can't Quit You/Happy Little Trees

KC Groves /Electric Peak/Happy Little Trees

Uncle Earl/Wallflower/Waterloo, Tennessee

KC Groves / Denver to Telluride for Eric/Something Familiar

Uncle Earl/Buonaparte/Waterloo, Tennessee

Uncle Earl/The Last Goodbye/Waterloo, Tennessee

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David Massengill/The Great American Dream/The Return

Bob Dylan/The Death Of Emmett Till/The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 (The Bootleg Series Vol. 9)

Ben Bedford/Land Of The Shadows/Land Of The Shadows

The Show Ponies/The River/We're Not Lost

Aztec Two Step/ World Without Walls/Naked

John McCutcheon/Our Flag/Mightier Than the Sword

The Early Mays/Little Pink/Chase The Sun

Vi The Fiddler Wickam/Matthew/ Not My Monkey

Dubl Handi/Flop Eared Mule /Morning in a New Machine

Dulcie Taylor/Cherokee/Wind Over Stone

David Rovics/John Brown/People´s History In Song

Bob Dylan/John Brown/The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 (The Bootleg Series Vol. 9)

Susan Cattaneo John Brown/Haunted Heart

Spook Handy/My Rainbow Race/Keep The Flame Alive

Uncle Earl/Over in the Glory Land/She Went Upstairs

Joan Baez/Natalia/The Complete A&M Recordings Disc 4

Bob Warren/Writer's Block/All The Days Of The World

Phil Ochs/Power And The Glory/All The News That's Fit To Sing

Charm of Finches/Lost Girl/Staring at the Starry Ceiling

The Savage Hearts/Faded Love/ Playing It Forward

Rik Palieri and George Mann/Union Maid/The Almanac Trail

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Chip Taylor/Heroes/Heroes

Bob Dylan/Only a Pawn In Their Game/The Times They Are A-Changin'

Rod MacDonald/White Flour/Later That Night

Jefferson Ross/ Confederate Jasmine/Dogwood Cats

Jillette Johnson/ I'm Sorry/All I Ever See In You Is Me

Shawn Taylor - Featuring: Wandering Roots/Simpler Then/Balance

Charlie Parr/Dog/Dog

Charm of Finches/Deep Water/Staring at the Starry Ceiling

Vi The Fiddler Wickam/Not My Monkey/ Not My Monkey

Charm of Finches/Hope/Staring at the Starry Ceiling

Gillian Welch/Silver Dagger/The Harrow & The Harvest

Barbara Jo Cammer/Hard Promises To Keep            /One Song At A Time

Bruce Cockburn/Twelve Gates To The City/Bone On Bone

Gregg Allman/Song For Adam (Featuring Jacksone Browne)            /Southern Blood

Jude Johnstone /Road to Rathfriland/A Woman's Work

Julie Gold/Southbound Train/Sixty

Antje Duvekot /Vertigo/The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer

Carla Ulbrich/We Don't Need a Walmart/Live From Outer Space

Loudon Wainwright III/Red Guitar/Album III

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Terence Martin /This House/Division Street

Deb Ohlinger/Adeline /Favorite Blue

Pete's Posse/The Vermont Set /The Conversation

Jeffery Straker/Thousand Miles Away/Dirt Road Confessional

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real /Just Outside Of Austin/Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real

Flagship Romance/Naïve/Tales From The Self Help Section

The Early Mays/Adieu False Heart/Chase The Sun

Banjo Nickaru & Western Schooches /When The Red, Red Robin/Very Next Thing Ep

Madison Malone/Breathing (feat. Gabe Burdulis)/Bloom

Sammy Walker /Superstition's Mine (Live)/In Concert

Trampled By Turtles/Ghosts/Wild Animals

Wilhelm & Bruno/Eyelashes/Honey

Ellis/500 Crows/Wherever You Are

Kat Goldman/ The One To Dream/The Workingman's Blues

Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton/You Are Not Needed Now/Wildflower Blues

Lenore/Ether's Arms/Lenore.

Dead Man Winter/This House Is On Fire/Furnace

Vi The Fiddler Wickam/Shenandoah/ Not My Monkey

Adrian Bates/Hard Working Man/ Small World E.P.

Jane Siberry/At The Beginning Of Time/When I Was A Boy


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Joe Jencks/Mercy/Poets, Philosophers Workers & Wanderers

Cassie and Maggie/Jimmie's/Sterling Road

Jessica Smucker/Sweet & Broken/Tumbling After

Joe Giacoio/Galileo/I Sing The Body Acoustic

Corinne West & Billy Joe Phelps/Amelia/Magnetic Skyline

Fraser & Girard/Outside St. Louis/Fraser & Girard

Kat Goldman/ The Courthouse/The Workingman's Blues

He-Bird, She-Bird/Once I Called You Mine/He Bird She Bird

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Better Times Are Coming/You See This River

The ROAMies /We Got Love /We Got Love

Lesley Kernochan/A Face in the Mountain/A Calm Sun

Colter Wall/You Look To Yours/Colter Wall

Chloe Ray/The Bitter End/Reprise EP

John Batdorf/ Willoughby/Willoughby

Jayme Stone/Drunken Hiccups/ Jayme Stone's Folklife

Lisa Bastoni/Shimmies And Shakes/The Wishing Hour

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver/Brother Have You Heard/Tunes From David Holt's State Of Music 2

Dave Morrison /In The Narrows/Nothing Left To Lose

Robin Greenstein/You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go/Acousticness

Flagship Romance/Lemonade/ Tales From The Self Help Section

Mary Ann / Gradh Geal Mo Chridh (My True Love) /Gradh Geal Mo Chridh

Kete Bowers/There was a time/single

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Trampled By Turtles/Hollow/Wild Animals           

Dar Williams/Light And The Sea/In The Time Of Gods [Advance]           

Ellen Busktel and Nick Annis/By My Silence/Single/

Adrian Bates/The Apple By Adrian Bates/Small World E.P.           

Josh Gray/The Outlaw/Josh Gray           

Andy & Judy/I'll Call You When I Get There/This Old Town           

Andy & Judy/To Warm And Comfort You/This Old Town           

Loretta Hagen /Ladders/Lucky Stars           

Porter Nickerson/I Need You /Bonfire To Ash           

Michael and Jennifer McLain/Do I Ever Cross Your Mind/Hit The Road And Go           

Micah And Mark Atkinson/Land Of Broken Angels/Land Of Broken Angels           

Merlin Snider/Memory/One Light Many Windows           

Honor Finnegan/Life Is Short /The Tiny Life           

Ian Foster/Feels Like It Wants to Rain/Sleeper Years           


Nicole Silva/No Need /Single           

The Bucking Mules/More Good Women Gone Wrong/Smoke Behind The Clouds           

Eddie Berman /Joann/Before the Bridge           

Aztec Two Step/Out On The Road Again/Naked           

Charlie Whitten/Balance/Playwright EP           

Trampled By Turtles/Are You Behind The Shining Star?/Wild Animals           


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Kat Goldman/Gypsy Girl/Gypsy Girl

Kat Goldman/It Down The Line/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/Annabel/The Great Disappearing Act

Kat Goldman/Weight Of The World/Sing Your Song

Kat Goldman/ Release Me/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/Sing Your Song /Sing Your Song

Kat Goldman/ The Courthouse/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/ The Workingman's Blues/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/ Put Your Toolbox Down/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/ It's Ovaaah/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/ Baby, I Understand/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/ South Shore Man/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/ The One To Dream/The Workingman's Blues

Kat Goldman/ Don't Know Where I'm Bound/The Workingman's Blues

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Ellen Bukstel/By My Silence/Daddy's Little Girl

Beyond The Pale/Moldavsky/Ruckus

Chris Ronald/Everything Goes Green/Fragments

Kat Goldman/ Release Me/The Workingman's Blues

Friction Farm/Stars/So Many Stars...

Friction Farm/The Price Of War/So Many Stars...

The Jerry Douglas Band/Hey Joe/What If

Marilyn Duncan/Away Too Long / Blue Car

Aztec Two Step/ In The Rain /Naked

Aztec Two Step/Tough & Tender (Gender Bending Boy)/Naked

Aztec Two Step/ One Hundred Thousand Bands/Naked

Ashley Riley//Lovers /Cant Let You Go

Matthew Byrne /Wedding Waltz/Horizon Lines

Renfree Isaacs/Smile Smile Smile/Renfree Isaacs

The Jeremiahs/This Boy/The Femme Fatale Of Maine

The Malvinas/Somewhere Off The Foot Of This Mountain/God Bless The Grass

Patrick Sampson/Hero/The Wanderer

Arthur Davenport/Three Black Sheep/Whispering to the Wind

Barry J. Lane/The New Day/ Single

Bobtown/My Soul/Bobtown

Bob Dylan/Don't Think Twice, It's Alright/The Gaslight Tapes

Joey+Rory/When I'm Gone/His and Hers


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Jillette Johnson /Love Is Blind/All I Ever See In You Is Me

Kenny Wayne /Shepherd/Louisiana Rain/Lay It On Down

Susan Cattaneo /Work Hard Love Harder (Featuring The Boxcar Lilies)/The Hammer & The Heart - (The Heart)

The Early Mays/Say-O Chase/The Sun

Paul Kelly/Letter In The Rain/Life Is Fine

Susan Cattaneo            /Lonely Be My Lover (Featuring The Bottle Rockets)            /The Hammer & The Heart (The Hammer)

The Early Mays/Amelia/Chase The Sun

Ashley Riley/Nashville /Cant Let You Go

Aztec Two Step/Long Black Lincoln/Naked

Erika Kulnys/Carolina/Rise Up

Jayne Olderman/When I Found You (The Adoption Song/ Single

Joshua Jacobson/Joshua Jacobson - Hide Me In Thy Bosom/Good Little Thing

David Massengill/The Man Who planted Apple Trees            Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 1 CD1

Chip Taylor/Let Me Fall My Own Way/I'll Carry For You

Dar Williams with Patty Larkin/Just Like That/Remembering Rachel

Courtney Marie Andrews/Honest Life/Honest Life

Anne Sumner/Everything Forever/These Hours

Ray Duncan/Message At The Tone/This Road

The Robert Bobby Duo/Dance Hall Girls/Folk Art

Fraser & Girard/How To Move/Fraser & Girard

Gordie Tentrees/Broken Hero /Less Is More

Quiles & Cloud/You Ain't Goin Nowhere/Beyond The Rain

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