Anna & Elizabeth/Sun to Sun            /Sun to Sun

Anna & Elizabeth/When I Was a Young Girl/Sun to Sun

Anna & Elizabeth/Mockingbird/Sun to Sun

Anna & Elizabeth/The Letter Song/Sun to Sun

Jaime Michaels/ Once Upon A Different Time/Once Upon A Different Time

Jaime Michaels /Somewhere Like Italy            /Once Upon A Different Time

Jaime Michaels /Singing For My Supper/Once Upon A Different Time

Ivas John/Here I Am/Good Days a Comin'

Ivas John/Things Ain't Been the Same/Good Days a Comin'

Ivas John/Greenville Trestle High/Good Days a Comin'

Greg Greenway/Can't Get Out Of My Own Way/20,000 Versions Of The Sun

Greg Greenway/Good Morning/20,000 Versions Of The Sun

Greg Greenway/Come Home, Little Baby, Come Home/20,000 Versions Of The Sun

Courtney Marie Andrews/Honest Life/Honest Life

Courtney Marie Andrews/Irene/Honest Life

Courtney Marie Andrews/Table for One/Honest Life

John Flynn/Standing Ovation /Mercy

John Flynn/Mercy (acoustic version)/Mercy

John Flynn/Get Up (Tracy G's Last Will And Testament)/Mercy

Lara Herscovitch/Another Gypsy Lifetime/Misfit

Lara Herscovitch/Will The Circle Be Unbroken - The Flame/Misfit

Lara Herscovitch/Om/ Misfit

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Skeeter Davis/The End of the World/The Essential Skeeter Davis

Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke/When The Secret Is Revealed/Everybody Has A Purpose

Beth Marlin/Hillside            /Railroad

John Flynn/Don't Just Do Something (Stand There)/Mercy

Courtney Marie Andrews/Let the Good One Go/Honest Life

Michael Howard/King Of Spades/Gasoline Dream

Rachael Sage/Loreena [Acoustic]/Choreographic [Acoustic]

Solomon Cook            /I'm Tryin'/Notes Sweet And Low

The Belle Hollows/A Different Kind Of Rain//Miller's Creek

John Gorka/I Saw a Stranger with Your Hair/Before Beginning

Anna & Elizabeth/Old Kimball/Sun to Sun

Noah Zacharin            /Another She/Strange Rider

Ivas John/Things Ain't Been the Same/Good Days a Comin'

Sloan Wainwright/Dreams Don't Count/Uncovering

Jenai Huff/4. Second and Inches/Color Wheel

Bob Dylan/Shooting Star/MTV Unplugged

Joan Osborne/One of Us/Relish

Joan Baez & Indigo Girls/Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Joan Baez & David Crosby/Blackbird /Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Joe Giacoio/Jesse James/I Sing The Body Acoustic

Beth Wood/Gone Too Soon/Spring Tide

The Bills/Jungle Doctor/Trail of Tales

Robby Hecht/Cars And Bars/Robby Hecht


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Steel Guitar legend and hall of fame member Jody Carver discusses a career filled with incredible stories about Leo Fender and Fender Guitars, Arthur Godfrey and the Talent Scouts, Noel Boggs, Spade Cooley, Theresa Brewer, Vaughn Monroe and Bob Dylan in the midst of recording Visions of Johanna and taking a legendary photograph (see web site)

All songs played can be viewed at along with photos of some of the things we spoke about.

Music played:

Jody Carver & Johnny Cucci/Sicilian Tarantela/Hot Club Of America In Hi-Fi

Noel Boggs And Friends/Swanee River/Another Take On Some Classics - [The Dave Cash Collection]

Spade Cooley/Steel Guitar Rag/Spade Cooley Big Band, Vol. 2

Noel Boggs Quintet/Beautiful Ohio/Magic Steel Guitar (Remastered)

Jody Carver/Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts/Jody on Godfrey

Jody Carver/Caravan/Jody on Talent Scouts

Jody Carver/Talent Scout Results/Jody on Talent Scouts

Jody Carver/godfrey show/Jody on Godfrey

Jody Carver/CBS TV show/Jody on Godfrey CBS Show

Theresa Brewer/The Hawaiian Wedding Song (1961)/Unknown Album

Vaughn Monroe/Steel Guitar/ [Single]

Santo & Johnny/Sleep Walk/40 Instrumental Hits - The Big Hits of the 50's Era

Rosalie Allen and Chet Atkins/Cranberry Kisses /Single

Jody Carver & Johnny Cucci/Hora Staccato/Hot Club Of America In Hi-Fi

Bob Dylan/Visions of Johanna/Blonde on Blonde

Jody Carver & Johnny Cucci/Minute Waltz/Hot Club Of America In Hi-Fi


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Bob Dylan/Positively 4Th Street/Single

Brandi Carlile/What Did I Ever Come Here For/Bear Creek

Kaia Kater/Paradise Fell/Nine Pin

Bonnie Raitt/I'm Blowin' Away/Home Plate

Greg Greenway/Letting Go/20,000 Versions Of The Sun

David Maloney /Old Heart Of Mine/My Father's Shoulders

Fraser & Girard/Outside St. Louis/Fraser & Girard

Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris & Jackson Browne/Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)/            Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Mary Beth Cross/Kathy's Song/Feels Like Home

Eric Lambert/When I Paint My Masterpiece/75: A Bow To Bob

Lara Herscovitch/Buddha On My Back/Misfit

Efrat/Keep On The Sunny Side/The Silver Lining

Roosevelt Dime/Red Shoes/Red Shoes

The Western Flyers/I'Ll See You In My Dreams/Wild Blue Yonder

Ivan Rosenberg/The Pearloid Gates/The Littlest Dobro

Jaime Michaels /A Little More/Once Upon A Different Time

Ivas John/All Along / Days a Comin'

Ben Bedford/The Pilot And The Flying Machine, Part 2/The Pilot And The Flying Machine

Patrick Sampson/Everosa/The Wanderer

Buskin & Batteau/Tonight We Are Everywhere/Red Shoes & Golden Hearts

Courtney Marie Andrews/Not the End/Honest Life

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Kat Goldman/Gypsy Girl/Gypsy Girl

Jake Thomas Turnbull//Do Anything/ single

Jim Gaudet And The Railroad Boys/Goin' On Downtown/When It Rains

Chip Taylor/Enlighten Yourself/Little Brothers

CALI SHAW/Artemis /Under The Olive Tree

Anna & Elizabeth/Ooh My My!/Sun to Sun

Andrew John & Lissa/Goodbye To An Old Friend/Aren't We Lucky

Stuart Kabak & Friends/How Angels Earn Their Wings/The Last Voice You Hear

Hege Brynildsen/Please Remember Me/When My Man Comes To Town

The Show Ponies/Baby, I'm in Love With You/We're Not Lost

Ray Duncan/Walk Away/This Road

Jory Nash/Homeless Man/The Many Hats of Jory Nash

Chloe Ray/New York/The Waiting Room

Paul Kelly/Cold As Canada/Spring And Fall

Anne Sumner/Solid Ground/These Hours

Elias Alexander/Sileas/ Bywater

Mary Beth Cross/Threshing Time/Feels Like Home

The Young Folk/England/Single

Courtney Marie Andrews/Rookie Dreaming/Honest Life

Blaze Foley/Clay Pigeons/Live at the Austin Outhouse

The Band Perry/Walk Me Down the Middle/The Band Perry

Barry Lane/Know Your Higher Self/Force Field for Good

Chip Taylor/Enlighten Yourself Reprise/Little Brothers

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RUNA /Farewell To Tarwathie /Live

RUNA /The Wind That Shakes the Barley/Live

RUNA /Jealousy/Live

Andrew John & Lissa/The Little Light/Aren't We Lucky

Andrew John & Lissa/Goodbye To An Old Friend/Aren't We Lucky

Andrew John & Lissa/The Stories I Could Tell/Aren't We Lucky

Judy Collins & Ari Hest/Silver Skies Blue/Silver Skies Blue

Judy Collins & Ari Hest/Elena /Silver Skies Blue

Judy Collins & Ari Hest/Strangers Again/Silver Skies Blue

The Deer/Into The Throes Of Dream/ Tempest & Rapture

The Deer/Hawkmoth/Tempest & Rapture

The Deer/Do Return/Tempest & Rapture

Chip Taylor/Book Of Hope/Little Brothers

Chip Taylor/Intro To Refugee Children /Little Brothers

Chip Taylor/Refugee Children/ Little Brothers

Chip Taylor/Little Brothers/Little Brothers

Chip Taylor/Time Goes By/Little Brothers

Kristine Schmitt/No-One There to See Me if I Cry/Good Dirt

Kristine Schmitt/Get Your Clothes Off, Honey/Good Dirt

Kristine Schmitt/Kissing Bandit/Good Dirt

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Nancy Cassidy/Song Of Joy/Song Of Joy

Nancy Cassidy/So Beautiful/Song Of Joy

Nancy Cassidy/Jubilee/Jubilee

Nancy Cassidy/I Wanna Be a Dog/Jubilee

Nancy Cassidy/Heart of a Song/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/Love Train/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/ All the Sugar I Need/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy /Rocky Road/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/ You Know It Ain't True/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy /Life Ain't No Railroad Track/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/I Risked My Heart Too/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/Whole Bunch of Love/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/I'm Free/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/Cowboy/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/Lopsided Moon/Heart of a Song

Nancy Cassidy/Come Home to Me/Heart of a Song


Direct download: Cassidy20-2073A163A162C205.4120PM.mp3
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Chip Taylor/I'll Carry For You/I'll Carry For You

Red Molly/Gulf Coast Highway/James

Sam Baker/Baseball/Mercy

Ray Duncan/This Road/This Road

Kirsten Maxwell/I Have To Go (The Shower Song)/Crimson

Vincent Cross/Ode To An Old Guitar/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Marci Geller/Nearly/Square Peg

The Waymores/Singing Like a Byrd/The Waymores

Chip Taylor/St. Joan/Little Brothers

Anne Sumner/Anywhere With You/These Hours

Spook Handy/Lead Us Home To The Promised Land/Keep The Flame Alive

Millpond Moon/A Second Act In Me /Broke In Brooklyn

Jim Gaudet And The Railroad Boys/Goin' Up To Saratoga/When It Rains

Sammy Walker/ Song for Jessie/Misfit Scarecrow

Terry Holder/Wrecking Ball/ Ticket To The Moment

Joe Crookston/Mercy Now/Joe Crookston 2015

Natalie Merchant/Motherland /Motherland

Rex Fowler/Gettysburg/Gettysburg

Emma's Revolution/Better Days/Revolutions Per Minute

Christopher James Sheridan/Old Fashioned Pound Notes/Old Fashioned Pound Notes

Neptune's Car/Backcountry/The 45th Parallel

Bob Dylan/Eternal Circle/The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare And Unreleased) 1961-1991

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Bumper Jacksons/Dying Californian/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Bully of the Town/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Them There Eyes/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Jubilee/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Adventure Story/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Coffee Mama/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/I Learned I Was Wrong/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Delta Bound/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Watch it Skinny Woman/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Come All You Virginia Gals/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Pretty Mama Put a Spell on Me/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Red Silk Stockings/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Trouble in Mind/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/I've Got My Whiskey (I Don't Need You)/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/The Bacon Adoration/Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In

 Bumper Jacksons/St. Claude's Waltz/Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In

Bumper Jacksons/Hell is Hot/Too Big World

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Only a Pawn In Their Game/Bob Dylan/The Times They Are A-Changin'

Black and Blue America/Chip Taylor/New Songs of Freedom

My Name is Emmett Till/Emmylou Harris/Hard Bargain

Land Of The Shadows /Ben Bedford/Land Of The Shadows

The Death Of Emmett Till/Bob Dylan/The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964 (The Bootleg Series Vol. 9)

Ballad of Oxford, Mississippi/Phil Ochs/On My Way, 1963 Demo Session

Blood On Missouri/Ben Bedford/The Pilot And The Flying Machine

White Flour/Rod MacDonald/Later That Night

Empire /Dar Williams/ Many Great Companions (Bonus Track Version)

Days of Decision/Phil Ochs/I Ain't Marching Anymore

Don't Forget The Guns/Cheryl Wheeler/Driving Home

Short People/Randy Newman/Little Criminals

Black Waters/Laurie Lewis/Laurie Lewis & Her Bluegrass Pals

What Did You Learn In School Today?/Tom Paxton/ Ramblin' Boy

America/Tracy Chapman/Where You Live

Because We Spent Our Money On A War/Hank Woji/American Dreams

I Will Stand/Emma's Revolution/Roots, Rock & Revolution

A Peaceful Solution/Willie Nelson/Occupy This Album

Hell No (I'm Not Alright)/Nanci Griffith/Occupy This Album

We Are Human/Mike + Ruthy/Occupy This Album

Pointing At The Sun/Cheryl Wheeler/Pointing At The Sun

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