Know Me At All/Zak Smith/Zak Smith

After The Crash/Zak Smith/The Precambrian Age

The House You Haunt /Zak Smith/Signs Of Life

Brand New Party/Zak Smith/ Zak Smith

Brand New Party/Zak Smith/ Signs Of Life

Raise The Moon/Zak Smith/ Zak Smith

Raise The Moon/Zak Smith/Signs Of Life

Have You Looked Outside/Zak Smith/Signs Of Life

The Universe Is Bigger /Zak Smith/Signs Of Life

Signs Of Life/Zak Smith/Signs Of Life

No Plan B/Zak Smith /Signs Of Life

Traitor's Way/Zak Smith/Signs Of Life

Alamo/Zak Smith/Signs Of Life

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Emily Hurd/Play Me the River/Landmark

Emily Hurd/Something in You/Landmark

Emily Hurd/Two Night Owls /Landmark

Jim Jones/Good Ride/Race With the Wind

Jim Jones/She Left Anyway/Race With the Wind

Jim Jones/On the Wings of the Wind/ Race With the Wind

Rosi Lalor/Clear Blue Sky/Flowers for the Living

Rosi Lalor/Let the Right One In/Flowers for the Living

Rosi Lalor/Camino/Flowers for the Living

Barry Lane/Force Field for Good/Force Field for Good

Barry Lane/Magic Mirror/Force Field for Good

Barry Lane/Only Love /Force Field for Good

Teresa Storch/Make You Mine/Come Clean

Teresa Storch/Happy Girl/Come Clean

Teresa Storch/This World/Come Clean

Bumper Jacksons/Jubilee/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/Dying Californian/Too Big World

Bumper Jacksons/I've Got My Whiskey (I Don't Need You)/Too Big World


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Marc Cohn/Silver Thunderbird/Marc Cohn

Jim Jones/You Can't Get There from Here/Race With the Wind

Same Latitude As Rome/Early Days/Early Days

The Squirrel Hillbillies/ Wooly Old Days/Goody Shoes

Barry Lane/Magic Mirror/Force Field for Good

Bumper Jacksons/Red Silk Stockings/Too Big World

Bob Dylan/Eternal Circle/The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare And Unreleased) 1961-1991

Ellis/Comes Back To Me/Wherever You Are

Emmylou Harris & Ricky Scaggs/Green Pastures/Duets

First Aid Kit/Emmylou/The Lion's Roar (Bonus Track Version)

Montgomery Delaney Staring At England/Walking In The Light

Terence Martin/ Folding Chairs/Field Recordings

Brandi Carlile/Save Part of Yourself/Bear Creek

Indigo Girls/Share The Moon/ Beauty Queen Sister

Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs/New York City's Killing Me/God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise

Patty Griffin/Chief/COMP 03 Respond II [Disc 1]

Brindl/Unfolding/Love It Up

Chip Taylor/Little Prayers/Little Prayers (disc3)

Celtic Thunder/A Place In The Choir/ Heritage


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Tim May And Steve Smith /This Boat, I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome, Let It Be/Tim May And Steve Smith           

Woody Pines/Anything for Love/Woody Pines           

Woody Pines/Make It to the Woods/Woody Pines           

Woody Pines/Worth the Game/Woody Pines           

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio            Still /She Will Fly/Still She Will Fly           

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio/ You Don't Know Him The Way I Do/Still She Will Fly           

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio            Make It Mine            Still She Will Fly           

Grant Dermody/Boll Weevil/Sun Might Shine On Me           

Grant Dermody/Baby Please Don't Go/Sun Might Shine On Me           

Grant Dermody/Long Gone/Sun Might Shine On Me           

Hungrytown/Pastures of Plenty/Further West           

Hungrytown/Ramparts and Bridges/Further West           

Hungrytown/Sometime/Further West           

Danny Schmidt/Girl With Lantern Eyes/Owls           

Danny Schmidt/Faith Will Always Rise/Owls           

Danny Schmidt/Looks Like God/Owls           

Greg Trooper/This I'd Do / Live At the Rock Room           

Greg Trooper/Good Luck Heart/Live At the Rock Room           

Greg Trooper/Inisheer /Live At the Rock Room           

Same Latitude As Rome/Song for David Thompson/Early Days           

Same Latitude As Rome/The Wild McLean Boys/Early Days           

Same Latitude As Rome/The Great Rendezvous Polka/Early Days           


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Greg Trooper/Amelia (Live)/Live At the Rock Room

Greg Trooper/Broken Man (Live)/Live At the Rock Room

Sue Massek/Dreadful Memories/Precious Memories

Si Kahn/Peace Will Rise/Courage

Shel Silverstein /Daddy What If/The Best of Shel Silverstein His Words His Songs His Friends

Joey+Rory/When I'm Gone/His and Hers

Joe Crookston /Blue Tattoo/Able Baker Charlie & Dog

Jude Johnstone /Josephina/Quiet Girl

Dan Weber/Take A Liking To You/What I'm Lookin' For

Altan/Lurgy Streams/The Widening Gyre

Dar Williams/Mad River/Emerald

Charles Lyonhart/Love Go Round/The DK Sessions

Mark Knopfler/ Cannibals/Golden Heart

Mike Agranoff/The Kid With the Comic Book/Straight Lines

Tom Russell/Tularosa/The Rose of Roscrae

Todd Burge/Aches and Pains/Imitation Life

Tom Pacheco/The Ghost Of Merriwether Lewis/Year Of The Big Wind (Bare Bones III)

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Bob Dylan/Positively 4Th Street/The Times They Are A-Changin'

Susie Fitzgerald/Mended Fences/Restless

Woody Guthrie/Danville Girl/Muleskinner Blues (The Asch Recordings, Vol. 2)

Joey+Rory/Josephine/His and Hers

Tom Rush/Child's Song/ (Live)/Celebrates 50 Years Of Music

Karyn Oliver/Magdalene Magdalene

Tim Hardin/Reason To Believe/Time Life - The Folk Years - Reason To Believe [Disc 2]

FERRON/Sunshine/Impressionistic DOUBLE CD

Steve Goodman/The Dutchman/Anthology: No Big Surprise

Phil Ochs/Outside of a Small Circle of Friends/Pleasures of the Harbor

Richard Shindell/Are You Happy Now?/When October Goes - Autumn Love Songs

Tom Paxton/The Last Thing on My Mind/Very Best of Tom Paxton

The Wailin’ Jennys/Across The Sea/Bright Morning Stars

Tom Russell/En Canadien Errant/The Rose of Roscrae

Elaine Romanelli/Red Tail/The Hour Before

Tim Grimm Rebecca Versailles/Wilderness Songs And Bad Man Ballads

Old Crow Medicine Show/Caroline/unknown


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Zak Smith/Have You Looked Outside/Signs Of Life

Spuyten Duyvil /Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?/The Social Music Hour, Vol. 1

Bobtown/Across The River/A History Of Ghosts

Brandi Carlile/I Belong To You/The Firewatcher's Daughter

John Herald/Special Magic/Just Another Bluegrass Boy

Terence Martin /The Great imposter/Waterproof

Brother Lou(Lou Dominguez)/Hey Jesus/As Good As You Want

Carolann Solebello/Someone Else's Dream/Threshold

Donna Hughes/Make Me Or Break Me/From The Heart

Eric Anderson/ Thirsty Boots/ Bout changes & things

Steve Goodman/The Dutchman/Anthology: No Big Surprise

Arlo Guthrie/When The Ship Comes In/Hobo's Lullaby

Ellis/You Are Royalty To Me/Right On Time

John Prine & Mac Wiseman/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/Standard Songs For Average People

The Kurt Henry Band /There's An Oak Tree In An Orchard/ From Our Religions We'll Be Free!

Tracy Grammer/Hard To Make It/Flower Of Avalon

Tom Chapin/Join The Jubilee/Join the Jubilee



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Bob Dylan/All I Really Want To Do/Dylan [Disc 1]

Dar Williams/Weight of the World/Emerald

Grace Pettis/Abilene/Two Birds

Charlie Mosbrook/Anywhere Else But Here/A Time Long Gone

Linda McRae/Another One Got Away/Fifty Shades of Red

Linda McRae/The Little Red Shoes/Carve It To The Heart

Kris Kristofferson/Just Suppose/Feeling Mortal

Blaze Foley/Rainbows And Ridges/Oval Room

Sharon Glassman/Pebble With A Cause/Blame it on Hoboken: The Songs

Art Podell/But Then You Smile/From the Village to the Canyon: A Songwriter's Journey

Terry Holder/Flowers At Midnight/Flowers At Midnight

Jami Lynn/Red Fox/Fall Is a Good Time to Die

Chip Taylor/Hold it Right There/Love & Pain (disc2)

Joanne Lurgio/Won't Ever Quit/Rise from the Storm

Ross Douglas/Candlelight/10 Songs People Have Enjoyed In 115 Countries

The Honey Dewdrops/Numb/Tangled Country

Greg Trooper/Steel Deck Bridge/Incident on Willow Street

Leonard Cohen/Choices (Live At Christchurch Soundcheck, 2013)/Can't Forget: A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour

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John McCutcheon/The Rebel Girl/Joe Hill's Last Will

John McCutcheon/What We Want/Joe Hill's Last Will

John McCutcheon/There Is Power In A Union/Joe Hill's Last Will

Jami Lynn/Polywogs/Fall Is a Good Time to Die

Jami Lynn/The North Wind/Fall Is a Good Time to Die

Jami Lynn/Wolf/Fall Is a Good Time to Die

Jack Tempchin/ Room To Run/Room To Run EP

Jack Tempchin / Summertime Bum/Room To Run EP

Jack Tempchin / The High Cost Of Hate/Room To Run EP

The Railsplitters/Tilt-a-Whirl/The Faster It Goes

The Railsplitters/The Estuary/The Faster It Goes

The Railsplitters/Seasons/The Faster It Goes

Leonard Cohen/Joan Of Arc/ (Live At Québec City Soundcheck, 2012)/Can't Forget: A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour

Leonard Cohen/Night Comes On (Live At Mönchengladbach Show, 2012)/Can't Forget: A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour

Leonard Cohen/Stages (Live At Sydney Show And Hamburg Soundcheck, 2013)/Can't Forget: A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour

Dan Weber/What I'm Lookin' For/What I'm Lookin' For

Dan Weber/Spinning My Wheels/What I'm Lookin' For

Dan Weber/That Time Of Night/What I'm Lookin' For


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Sammy Walker/Catcher In the Rye/Broadside Ballads, Vol. 8: Song for Patty

Dar Williams/If I Wrote You/Many Great Companions (Bonus Track Version)

Dar Williams/After All/Many Great Companions (Bonus Track Version)

Jack Tempchin/ Jesus And Mohammed/   Room To Run EP

Ellen Bukstel/By My Silence/Daddy's Little Girl

Nick Annis/Jesus Said/Apples & Oranges

Pat Wictor/What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?/ Living Ever-Lovin' LIVE

Moors And McCumber/All Great Tragedy/Pandemonium

Kipyn Martin/Dance Across The Sky /single

Vanaver Caravan/Deportee/Pastures Of Plenty - Songs of Woody Guthrie

The Waymores /Sweet Companion/The Waymores

Wendy Francisco/Bob Dee Dee/Land of Your Heart

Wendy Francisco/God And Dog/n/a

Rod MacDonald/Young Republicans in Love/ Later That Night

Robby Hecht/A Reckoning of Us/Last of the Long Days

Regina Spektor/ Human Of The Year/Far

Red June/Saddle Up My Son/Ancient Dreams

Red Molly/Sing To Me/The Red Album

Peter Gabriel/Blood Of Eden/Blood Of Eden


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