Harpeth Rising/Fortune/Shifted

Harpeth Rising/The Raid/Shifted

Harpeth Rising/Shifted/Shifted

Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller/Fun's All Over/Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller Deep End Sessions Vol. II Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller/I Got Lucky With You/Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller Deep End Sessions Vol. II

Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller/Woody's Waltz/Jesse Milnes & Emily Miller Deep End Sessions Vol. II

Peter Keane/Little Sadie/Rural Electrification

Peter Keane/Back In My Home Town/Rural Electrification

Peter Keane/Hobo's Lullaby/Rural Electrification

Young Stracke All-Stars/Just A Dream (On My Mind)/It Was A Dream

Young Stracke All-Stars/Alunelu/It Was A Dream

Young Stracke All-Stars/Simple Gifts/It Was A Dream

Eric Bannan/A Better Look At Life/Stumbling Towards the Light

Eric Bannan/She's Gone/Stumbling Towards the Light

Eric Bannan/Stumbling /Towards the Light/Stumbling Towards the Light

Crow Canyon/Crow and the Canyon/Leaving Soon

Crow Canyon/Golden Chains/ Leaving Soon

Crow Canyon/Gentle On My Mind/Leaving Soon


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Crow Canyon/Brooklyn to Milwaukee/ Leaving Soon

Andrea Zonn/Another Side Of Home/Rise

Young Stracke All-Stars/This Train/It Was A Dream

Dan Schatz/Boll Weevil Holler/The Promise Of The Sowing

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/You Can Break My Heart /Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Old Man Luedecke/Year of the Dragon/Domestic Eccentric

Peter Keane/Sitting On Top Of The World/Rural Electrification

Ana Egge/Jenny Run Away/Bright Shadow

Tom Pacheco/MacDougal Summer            Boomtown

Annie Gallup/Weapon Of Choice/Ghost

Mark Knopfler/ Long Cool Girl/Tracker

Old Man Luedecke/Now We Got a Kitchen/Domestic Eccentric

Mara Levine/Summertime/Jewels and Harmony

Neil Driscoll/Mountain Cousins/Take It Easy But Take It

Tim Grimm/Indiana/The Turning Point

Bob Warren & Joy MacKenzie /It Will Come To You/You Taught Me Something New Today

Shawna Caspi/The Runner/Skyline

Michelle Lewis/Run Run Run/The Parts Of Us That Still Remain


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Old Man Luedecke/Sorry If I Let You Down/I Never Sang Before I Met You

Johnny Ray/Here I Am - Broken Hearted/The Best Of Johnny Ray

Anne Hills, Bonnie O'Donnell And Jay Ansill/ How Many Points/Barn's Burnt Down (Now I Can See The Moon)

Janie March/Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose/Barn's Burnt Down (Now I Can See The Moon)

Slocan Ramblers/Angeline/Coffee Creek

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/I'm a Fool to Care/Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Mark Knopfler/ Lights of Taormina/Tracker

Mark Knopfler/ Wherever I Go (feat. Ruth Moody)/Tracker

Marty Robbins /El Paso  /El Paso

Mary Gauthier /I Drink/Mercy Now

Mike + Ruthy/I'll Keep It With Mine/The Honeymoon Agenda

Natalie Merchant/Motherland/ Motherland

Red June/Ancient Dreams/Ancient Dreams

Red Molly/By The Mark/Light In The Sky

Red Hen Stringband/Little Bird/Birds of a Feather

Red Horse/Forget to Breathe  /Red Horse

Blaze Foley/Clay Pigeons/Live at the Austin Outhouse


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Cheryl Wheeler            /If It Were Up To Me            /Sylvia Hotel

The Beatles/Happiness Is a Warm Gun/The Beatles (White Album)

Rob McHale/Fire and the Guns/Fields

Danny Schmidt/Guns & The Crazy Ones/Owls

Jon Brooks/Gun Dealer/The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside

Lou Dominguez/Gun Country/We the People

Cheryl Wheeler/Don't Forget The Guns/Driving Home

Sammy Walker/Guns And Guns And Guns/Old Time Southern Dream

Grant Peeples/ Gunning For The Buddha/Prior Convictions

Bob Warren & Joy MacKenzie /A Whole Lot Of Rain /The Poet in Me

Warren Zevon /Lawyers, Guns and Money/Excitable Boy  

Chris Wood/Hollow Point/Handmade Life

The Celtic Connection/  Molly Bawn/The Best of Irish Newfoundland Favourites

Elton John/My Father's Gun/Tumbleweed Connection (Remastered)

Carolann Solebello/Put Down the Gun/Steel and Salt

Mark Knopfler/Cleaning My Gun/Get Lucky

John Gorka/My Invisible Gun/Between Five And Seven

Marty Robbins/Big Iron/Marty Robbins: More Greatest Hits

Conway Twitty/Saturday Night Special/Greatest Hits, Volume III

Alison Krauss/The Scarlet Tide/Cold Mountain


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David Roth/Keep The Table Set/Barn's Burnt Down (Now I Can See The Moon)

Denise Jordan Finley/We Will Rise/Barn's Burnt Down (Now I Can See The Moon)

SummerSongs Harmony Group/World Of Peace/Barn's Burnt Down (Now I Can See The Moon)

Arthur James/Long Black Road/Me, Myself & I

Arthur James/Waiter There's a Bomb in My Soup/Me, Myself & I

Arthur James/Got Me a Woman/Me, Myself & I

Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tucsonenses/Annabelle            /Epilogue

Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tucsonenses/I Know What I Know            Epilogue

Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tucsonenses/For a Dancer/Epilogue

Sally Barris/Wilder Girl/Wilder Girl

Sally Barris/Standing Still/Wilder Girl

Sally Barris/The Idea/Singer-Songwriter Heaven - The Songs Of Kevin Faherty

Ana Egge/Bright Shadow/Bright Shadow

Ana Egge/Flat Top Guitar/Bright Shadow

Ana Egge/Wildflowers//Bright Shadow    

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John Batdorf/Something Is Slipping Away/Home Again

Bob Dylan/ Eternal Circle/The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare And Unreleased) 1961-1991

Rosi Lalor /Leap of Faith/Flowers for the Living

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard/The Only Man Wilder Than Me/Django and Jimmie

Trout Steak Revival/Days of Gray/Brighter Every Day

Annie Gallup/Caledonia/Ghost

Tom Chapin/City Of New Orleans/70

Katie Dahl /Lombardi Avenue/Ordinary Band

The John Byrne/ Band/The Lakes Of Ponchartrain         Celtic Folk

Dave Crossland /The Man Who Would Be King/         Mother Country

Danny Schmidt/All The More To Wonder/Owls

Dana Sipos/Road To Michigan/Roll Up The Night Sky

Jim Kerns/California Day.Final /Single

Andy & Judy/Potter's Field/Follow Your Dream

The Waifs/Beautiful You/Beautiful You

Jonathan Edwards/Hard Times/Tomorrow"S Child

Kat Goldman/Summersong/ Gypsy Girl


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Caroline Doctorow/Prairie In The Sky/I Carry All I Own

Caroline Doctorow/Raven Girl/Raven Girl

Caroline Doctorow/Another Country/Songs of Richard&MimiFarina Another Country

Caroline Doctorow /The Ballad Maker/ Little Lovin' Darling

Neptune's Car/Saugerties, New York The 45th Parallel

Neptune's Car /The Storm/ The 45th Parallel

Neptune's Car/ Emily Dickinson /The 45th Parallel

Leaf Rapids/ Don't Be Scared /Lucky Stars

Leaf Rapids/ Welcome Stranger /Lucky Stars

Leaf Rapids /Galaxie 500 /Lucky Stars

Annie Gallup /Rock Salt And Nails/Ghost

Annie Gallup/Raised By Wolves/Ghost

Annie Gallup/Battle Of Brooklyn/Ghost

Hungrytown/Static/Further West

Hungrytown/Sometime/Further West

Hungrytown/Pastures of Plenty/Further West

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Punch Brothers /Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Sons of the Pioneers /Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Jude Johnstone/  Shatter/Shatter

Rick Drost/The Price Of Fear /Some Songs 2015

Kat Goldman/Letter from Paris/Gypsy Girl

Craig Siemsen/It Is What It Is/Paint Me a Picture

Dubl Handi/Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind/Morning in a New Machine

Glen Roethel/Beautiful Now/Unfolding

Donna Ulisse/Banks of Roane River/The Songwriter in Me:The Demo Recordings

Tom Chapin/Down There/70

Brandi Carlile/The Eye/The Firewatcher's Daughter

Chuck Brodsky/ Not a Single Shot/Tell Tale Heart

Greg Trooper/Amelia (Live)/Live At the Rock Room

Sandy Ross/Distant Campfire/Grandma's Got a Boombox

Spuyten Duyvil /Fishing Blues/ The Social Music Hour, Vol. 1

Todd Burge/Time to Waste Time/Imitation Life

Earnest Lovers/No Songs Came By Today/Sing Sad Songs

Neptune's Car/Fly Fishing The Big Hole/The 45th Parallel

Ashley Davis/Night Travels/Night Travels

 Sue Massek/Girl Of Constant Sorrow/Precious Memories

Christopher James Sheridan/Old Fashioned Pound Notes/Old Fashioned Pound Notes

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Eliot Bronson/ Never Been A Friend Of Mine/Eliot Bronson

Eliot Bronson/Time Ain't Nothin'/Eliot Bronson

Eliot Bronson/Baltimore/Eliot Bronson

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/I Gotta Have My Baby Back/Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/Me and The Man In The Moon /Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/I Hear You Talking/Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Slocan Ramblers/Elk River/Coffee Creek

Slocan Ramblers/Call Me Long Gone/Coffee Creek

Slocan Ramblers/Pastures Of Plenty / Honey Babe            Coffee Creek

Mark Knopfler/ Beryl/Tracker

Mark Knopfler /My Heart Has Never Changed/Tracker

Mark Knopfler/ River Towns/ Tracker

Jefferson Ross /Not The Thunder/Dogwood Cats

Jefferson Ross/Arvin/Dogwood Cats

Jefferson Ross/Georgia Lullaby/Dogwood Cats


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 Brandi Carlile/Beginning To Feel the Years/The Firewatcher's Daughte

Mark Knopfler/ Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes/Tracker

Zak Smith/Nothing But Drugs/The Precambrian Age

Arthur James/Got Me a Woman/Me, Myself & I

Kat Goldman/Gypsy Girl/Gypsy Girl

The Show Ponies/Get Me While I'm Young/Run for Your Life

Eliot Bronson/River Runs Dry (Acoustic Demo)/Eliot Bronson

Krista Detor/So Goes The Night/Chocolate Paper Suites

Tom Russell/Guilty; Johnny Behind-the-Deuce/Rose Of Roscrae

Joan Baez/Diamonds And Rust/Diamonds & Rust

Cheryl Wheeler/ But The Days And Nights Are/ Long Sylvia Hotel

Ken Whiteley and The Beulah Band/Straight To You/Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band

The Wailin' Jennys/Beautiful Dawn/40 Days

Lucy Kaplansky/The Gift/Over The Hills

Kaia Kater/En Filant Ma Quenouille/Sorrow Bound

Antje Duvekot/Reasonland/The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer

The Onlies/The Way We Sung/Long Before Light

Pharis and Jason Romero/A Wanderer I'll Stay/A Wanderer I'll Stay


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