Terry Kitchen/So Much More To Home/The Post-American Century

Terry Kitchen/Sequel/The Post-American Century

Terry Kitchen/I'm A Believer/The Post-American Century

Terry Kitchen/Rock Of Ages/The Post-American Century

Terry Kitchen/Eternity/The Post-American Century

Terry Kitchen/One By One/The Post-American Century

Terry Kitchen/Perelli's Barbershop/The Post-American Century

Terry Kitchen/Mommy Come Quick/The Post-American Century

Terry Kitchen/One More Sunset/The Post-American Century


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Free The Honey/Take Me Home/Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/Wabbit Time /Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/Honey Blues /Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/Go With The Light/Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/High Peaks/Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/Vultures/Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/Crooked Child/Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/Waiting For Fergal/Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/A Beautiful Life/Fine Bloom

Free The Honey/Come Up To The Mountain/ Fine Bloom

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Eric Andersen/Blue River [Album Version]/Blue River

Mark Allen Berube/I Broke My Heart On You/Sticky

Joe Crookston/Impermanent Things/Georgia I'm Here

Cricket Blue/Oh My Rose/Cricket Blue EP

Shawna Caspi/The Runner/Skyline

Vincent Cross/Silent Waltz/A Town Called Normal

James Curley/There Used to Be a Train/There Used to Be a Train

Lou Dominguez/The Facebook Song /We the People

Barbara And Graham Dean/Love Speaks In Every Tongue/Barn's Burnt Down (Now I Can See The Moon)

Karen Dahlstrom/Galena/Gem State EP

Anna Dagmar/We Were Children/Satellite

Beth DeSombre/Cross That River/At Home In This Town

Rick Drost/Still Point/Some Songs 2015

Spuyten Duyvil /The Cruel War/The Social Music Hour, Vol. 1

The Early Mays/The Blackest Crow/The Early Mays

Neale Eckstein & Vance Gilbert/If You Don't Love Me Tonight/Click

John Flynn/For the Birds (Owed to St. Francis)/Poor Man's Diamonds

Cliff Eberhardt /After The Rain Falls/Shrew Songs

Efrat/Bring Me Peace/The Silver Lining

Jane Fallon/Peace/Tangled In A Tree

Folkapotamus/Magnolia Wind/ Whispered Words

FREEBO/That's What Love Is/If Not Now When

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Michael Troy/Ole Joe/I Am American

Michael Troy/I Am American - Intro Live/I Am American

Michael Troy/I Am American – Live/I Am American

Michael Troy/Jesus On The Radio/I Am American

Christine Lavin & Brian Bauers/Cary Grant, Esther Williams, Tom Cruise & The Romance Of The Gun/Live At McCabe's

Christine Lavin & Brian Bauers/The Lullabye League/ Live At McCabe's

Christine Lavin & Brian Bauers/Sometimes Grandmother Really Does Know Best/Live At McCabe's

Dick Gaughan/ Jamie Foyers/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Jarvis Cocker/The Battle is Done With/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Marry Waterson/The Exile Song/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Efrat/The Silver Lining/The Silver Lining

Efrat/Turn, Turn, Turn/The Silver Lining

Efrat/Keep On The Sunny Side/The Silver Lining

Brooksie Wells/ North East Rising Sun/North East Rising Sun

Brooksie Wells/Save The Day/North East Rising Sun

Brooksie Wells/Who Needs A Man/North East Rising Sun

Dan Zahn & Kate Moretti/Brother Hawk/East Dakota Waltz

Dan Zahn & Kate Moretti/Rebecca's Lament/East Dakota Waltz

Dan Zahn & Kate Moretti/Sarah Sings/East Dakota Waltz

Noel Paul Stookey/Wedding Song/AT Home: The Maine Tour

Noel Paul Stookey/Nukes R Nuts/AT Home: The Maine Tour

Noel Paul Stookey/Obedient Servant/AT Home: The Maine Tour

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Mark Knopfler /A Night In Summer Long Ago/Golden Heart

Bob Dylan/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue/Another Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 [Disc 1]

Happy Traum/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue /Just For The Love Of It

Brett Dennen/Ain't No Reason/So Much More (Special Edition)

Noel Paul Stookey/Dog Of Time/AT Home: The Maine Tour

Noel Paul Stookey/In These Times/AT Home: The Maine Tour

Regina Spektor/ On The Radio/Begin To Hope

Ev Elsworth /Yours Truly, Ferris Abbot (spoken)/book excerpt

Michael Troy/Lullaby/I Am American

Brindl/Understand/Love It Up

Bob Warren & Joy MacKenzie /It Will Come To You /You Taught Me Something New Today

Brother Sun/The House That Jack Built/Some Part Of The Truth

KJ Denhert/Destiny/Destiny

Yusuf (Cat Stevens)/The Devil Came from Kansas/Tell 'Em I'm Gone

Tracy Grammer/Hard To Make It/Flower Of Avalon

Sammy Walker/ The Ballad of Johnny Strozier/Broadside Ballads, Vol. 8: Song for Patty

Rex Fowler/Marianne/Gettysburg

Terence Martin/ Bird To Take You South/The Last Black And White TV

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Sam Baker/Baseball /Mercy

Chuck Brodsky/Gone to Heaven//The Baseball Ballads

Erik Balkey/Baseball In My Blood /Everything Is Great

George Carlin/Baseball and Football /Carlin On Campus

Corey Smith/The Baseball Song /The Baseball Song - Single

Don White/My Wife Hates Baseball/Winning Streak

Bob Dylan/Catfish /The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare And Unreleased) 1961-1991

Dan Zahn & Kate Moretti/When The Last Leaves Fall/ East Dakota Waltz

John Prine/Killing The Blues/Pink Cadillac

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer/I'm My Own Grandpa (Featuring Riders in the Sky)/            Dancin' in the Kitchen

Brooksie Wells /North East Rising Sun/ North East Rising Sun

Terry Kitchen/ So Much More To Home /The Post-American Century

Katie Dahl/Crowns/ Ordinary Band

FREEBO/I Ain't Runnin' No More/            If Not Now When

The Stanley Brothers/Angel Band//O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Lucy Kaplansky/Mary And The Soldier/Flesh & Bone

Dallas Burrow/All My Love/The Four Winds Chronicles

Tom Russell/Crucifix in a Death Hand/Carmelita/            Modern Art

Chip Taylor Carrie Rodriguez/Keep Your Hat On Jenny/ The New Bye & Bye

Steven Gellman/The Choice/Revisited

Efrat/Turn, Turn, Turn/ The Silver Lining

Tom Russell/Kid From Spavinaw/The Tom Russell Anthology: Veteran's Day [Disc 2]


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Donna Ulisse/Papa's Garden/Hard Cry Moon

Donna Ulisse/As Long As We're Together/Hard Cry Moon

Donna Ulisse/Whispering Pines/Hard Cry Moon

The John Byrne Band/Sing On Johnny/The Immigrant And The Orphan

The John Byrne Band/The Ballad Of Diamond And 4th/The Immigrant And The Orphan

The John Byrne Band/The Immigrant And The Orphan/The Immigrant And The Orphan

Amy Soucy/Little Wooden Boat/This River

Amy Soucy/Old Crows/This River

Amy Soucy/This River            /This River

3hattrio/Carry Me Away/Dark Desert Night

3hattrio/Get on the Bus/Dark Desert Night

3hattrio/Crippled-up Blues/Dark Desert Night

Dulcie Taylor/Prayers/Wind Over Stone

Dulcie Taylor/Cherokee/Wind Over Stone

Dulcie Taylor/I Wanna Ride/Wind Over Stone

Carl Solomon/Play To Win (Featuring Sam Howard, Radoslav Lorkovic & Ji Tanzer)/ Promised Land

Carl Solomon/Falling (Featuring Sam Howard & Anna Tivel)/ Promised Land

Carl Solomon/We Will Sing (Featuring Sam Howard, Ji Tanzer, Paul Kwitek, Kelly Brightwell & Kelly Bosworth)/ Promised Land

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer/Home (Featuring The Savoy Family Cajun Band)/ Dancin' in the Kitchen

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer/Everything Possible/Dancin' in the Kitchen

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer/Birthday Pup (Featuring Riders in the Sky)/Dancin' in the Kitchen

Happy Traum /The Water Is Wide/Just For The Love Of It

Happy Traum/High Muddy Water/Just For The Love Of It

Happy Traum/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue/ Just For The Love Of It

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Greg Blake/Sweetest Love/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/Dreaming Of A Little Cabin (Featuring Claire Lynch)/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/Home/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/50 Miles From Nowhere/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/Hey Porter /Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/I Still Miss Someone/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/Where I Live/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/Hills Of My Home (Featuring Laurie Lewis)/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/Thinking Of You/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/Home Is Where The Heart Is/Songs Of Heart & Home

Greg Blake/Summer Wages/Songs Of Heart & Home


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David Roth/Does Joni Mitchell Ever Mow the Lawn/So Far, So Good

David Roth/Pachamama Turns/So Far, So Good

David Roth/Stuff Of Stars/So Far, So Good

Mike Laureanno/No One Will Ever Fill Your Shoes/Road Signs

Mike Laureanno/Drink Deep (As You Grow Old)/Road Signs

Mike Laureanno/The Field/Road Signs

Avery Hill/Missouri/Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album

Avery Hill/Lover's Leap/Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album

Avery Hill/Summer 1957/Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album

Lowell Levinger /Euphoria/Get Together - Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics

Lowell Levinger /Darkness Darkness/Get Together - Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics

Lowell Levinger /Hippie From Olema/Get Together - Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics

FREEBO/Standing Ovation/If Not Now When

FREEBO/She Loves My Dog More Than Me /If Not Now When

FREEBO/When There's No Place Like Home/If Not Now When

Hillfolk Noir/Hard Times/Pop Songs for Elk

Hillfolk Noir/My Train/Pop Songs for Elk

Hillfolk Noir/Shimmy/Pop Songs for Elk

Seth Lakeman / Shoals of Herring/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Chaim Tennenbaum/My Old Man/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Paul Brady/Freeborn Man/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

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Roly Salley, Pat Alger, Artie Traum/Killing the Blues/The Rounder Records Story: Disc One

Anthony da Costa/In The U.S.A./Quality Time

Zak Smith/Have You Looked Outside/Signs Of Life

Lowell Levinger /Get Together/Get Together - Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics

Linda McRae/Some Of My Friends/Fifty Shades of Red

Peter Mayer/It's Not Far/Third Street

Kacey Musgraves/The Trailer Song/The Trailer Song - Single

Nick Bayard/Sparky's Trailer Park/Memento

Dan Schatz/One Last Look Behind/The Promise Of The Sowing

Kat Goldman/Gypsy Girl/Gypsy Girl

The Carper Family/City Folks Call Us Poor/Old-Fashioned Gal

Charlie King/Bring Back the Eight Hour Day/So Far So Good

Chip Taylor/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World

Steve Earle/Dirty Old Town/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Jerry Hannan/Society/Society


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