George Winston/Many Clocks /Spring Carousel

George Winston/Highway Hymn Blues/Ballads and Blues 1972 (Special Edition)

George Winston/Rag/Ballads and Blues 1972

George Winston/Woods/Autumn (20th Anniversary Edition)

George Winston/New Hope Blues/Ballads and Blues 1972 (Special Edition)

George Winston/February Sea /Winter into Spring

George Winston/Carol Of The Bells/December

George Winston/Hummingbird/Summer

George Winston/Cold Frosty Morning/Harmonica Solos

George Winston/Fess' Carousels/Spring Carousel

George Winston/Requited Love/Spring Carousel

George Winston/Tamarack Pines/Forest

George Winston/The Cradle/Forest

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Darden Smith/Blessings/Everything

Annie Moscow/Sometimes I Think Of You/Passing Trains

Jayme Stone/ There Is More Love Somewhere/Jayme Stone's Folklife

Bill Scorzari/She Don't Care About Auld Lang Syne/Through These Waves

Old Crow Medicine Show/Take 'em Away/Best Of  

Jack Grelle/Set On Me            /Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down

Ordinary Elephant/The Things He Saw/Before I Go

Jessica Smucker & The Sleeping World/Dear John Letter To Jesus/The Broken Moment

Alice Gerrard/Calling Me Home/Tunes From David Holt's State Of Music 2

Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash/Guess Things Happen That Way/The Dylan/Cash Sessions

The Whites/Keep On The Sunny Side            /O Brother, Where Art Thou?

James Lee Stanley/Here We Have My Father/The Apocaloptimist

Shawn Colvin/Killing the Blues/Cover Girl

Cry Cry Cry/Speaking With The Angel/Cry Cry Cry

Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge/Living In The Mississippi Valley/Mount Royal

Truckstop Honeymoon/The Governor Of Kansas/Big Things And Little Things

Arthur Davenport/Jewels/Whispering to the Wind

Chloe Ray/Reprise/Reprise EP

Bill Scorzari/I Can Carry This/Through These Waves

Lisa Bastoni/In This Town/The Wishing Hour

Sera Cahoone/Dusty Lungs/From Where I Started

Friction Farm/Why, Why, Why/Rescue Me!

Red Molly/Blue Night/Never Been to Vegas

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Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/End Of The Line/Threads Of Gold
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/My Train/Threads Of Gold
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/Threads Of Gold/Threads Of Gold
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/Cold Wind /Threads Of Gold
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/The Guitar Player/Threads Of Gold
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/Angel of Freedom/Fortunes of the Highway
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/ Hard Miles/Caution to the Wind
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/Frail Light/Caution to the Wind
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/Stars and Moons/Caution to the Wind
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/While The Angels Cry/Threads Of Gold
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/War For the Roses/Caution to the Wind
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/Trouble On My Mind/Threads Of Gold
Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford/Shadow of a Heart/Fortunes of the Highway

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The Wakes/Colours/The Red And The Green

Scott Cook/Your Sweet Time/Further Down The Line

David Maloney /Meeting At The Edge /My Father's Shoulders

George Winston/Unrequited Love/Spring Carousel

Red Tail Ring/Yarrow/Fall Away Blues

Lisa Bastoni/Rabbit Hole/The Wishing Hour

Billy Crockett/Drought/Rabbit Hole/Billy Crockett

John Condron/Christopher James Sheridan/Dink's Song/51 King Street

David Roth/One Day At The Gates/Think Twice

Robin Greenstein/Tears In Heaven/Tears And Laughter

Sammy Walker /I Ain't Got Time to Kill/Brown Eyed Georgia Darlin'

Andrew Calhoun/The Rookhope Ryde/Rhymer's Tower: Ballads of the Anglo-Scottish Border

Michael Ann/I Would / Heavy Load

Sera Cahoone/Always Turn Around/From Where I Started

Sera Cahoone/Tables Turned/From Where I Started

Bill Scorzari/Shelter From The Wind/Through These Waves

Tim Grimm/Over Hill And Dale/A Stranger In This Time

Bill Scorzari/I Can Carry This/ Through These Waves

Mouths of Babes/Any Other Day/Brighter In The Dark

Kipyn Martin/Madeleine/Dance Across The Sky

House Of Hamill/Heart Shaped Box/Wide Awake

Lydia Sylvia/Cherry River Line/Chasing The Ghost

Rayna Gellert/Strike the Bells/Workin's Too Hard



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Ray Cardwell/New Jerusalem/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Cedar Creek Pickaway/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Open Your Eyes/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Sailin' For Glory/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Whole World 'Round/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Cry/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Tennessee Moon/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/My Heart Stays With You/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Sing It To The World/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Stop, Look And Listen/Tennessee Moon

Ray Cardwell/Think About Me/Tennessee Moon

New Tradition/That's Love/Cradle, Cross, Crown

New Tradition/Miner's Prayer/Cradle, Cross, Crown

New Tradition/A Piece at a Time/A Piece at a Time

New Tradition/ Why Darlin'/A Piece at a Time

New Tradition/ Carolina Lady/A Piece at a Time

Ray Cardwell/His Will/ Tennessee Moon

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Mouths of Babes/Lock & Key/Brighter In The Dark

Grant Peeples And The Peeples Republic /A Congress Of Treasons/A Congress Of Treason

Isla St Clair/Thig an SmeĆ²rach as t-Earrach/The Voice of Scotland

Jefferson Ross/Confederate Jasmine/Dogwood Cats

George Mann & Friends/He Called Me Dad (David Rovics)/Until You Come Home: Songs To Heal The Wounds Of War

George Mann & Friends/Kigali (Jon Brooks)/Until You Come Home: Songs To Heal The Wounds Of War

Orit Shimoni/Wine to Water/Soft Like Snow

Livingston Taylor/Bye Bye Love/Safe Home

Peter Mulvey/The Last Song/Are You Listening?

Julie Gold/Love Is A Song/Sixty

Dixie Chicks/I Believe In Love/Home

Peter Mulvey/Which One Were You?/Are You Listening?

Scott Cook/Dogs And Kids/Further Down The Line

Mipso/Monterey County/Coming Down The Mountain

David Maloney/ Old Heart Of Mine/My Father's Shoulders

Mipso/Water Runs Red/Coming Down The Mountain

Naming The Twins/One More Winning Hand/Turn Styles

Kirsten Maxwell/Crimson/Crimson

The Savage Hearts/Don't Cry Blue/Playing It Forward

Robin Greenstein/I'm Down/Tears And Laughter

Sera Cahoone/Better Woman/From Where I Started

Bethie/Irish Prayer/Tied Together With Love

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Scott Cook/Further Down The Line/Further Down The Line

Jude Johnstone /Never Leave Amsterdam/A Woman's Work

Jude Johnstone/ Before You/A Woman's Work

Linda McRae/Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts/ Fifty Shades of Red

Pat Wictor/Knock On The Door/This Is Absolutely Real

Phil Ochs/Knock On The Door/All The News That's Fit To Sing

Zoe Mulford/Answer The Knock At The Door/Small Brown Birds

Mipso / Burden With Me/Coming Down The Mountain

Jayme Stone/That's All Right/Jayme Stone's Folklife

Spuyten Duyvil /The Warmth Of Other Suns/The Warmth Of Other Suns

Gathering Time/Tanglewood Tree/single

Julie Snow/Ropes/No Ordinary Love

Jenny Bienemann/Biggest Mistake/Every Soul Grows To The Light

Tim Grimm/The Hungry Grass/A Stranger In This Time

Rachael Sage/Tomorrow/The Tide

Chip Taylor/Young Brooks Flow Forever/A Song I Can Live With

Judy Kass/Take a Lesson/Better Things

Steven Gellman/The Choice/Hearth & Home

John McCutcheon/Puppies (rough)/Demos

Scott Cook/Walk That Lonesome Valley/Further Down The Line


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Suzanne Vega/The Queen and the Soldier/Suzanne Vega

Sumner Anderson/The Very Last Cowboy's Response/Out Along The Bend

Donna Hughes/ He Was There/Gaining Wisdom

Elton Britt/She Taught Me to Yodel/Yodelling Hillbilly, Vol. 1

Wyatt Easterling/Stumbling Towards The Light/Divining Rod

Joshua James/Golden Bird/My Spirit Sister

Tim Grimm/Thirteen Years/A Stranger In This Time

Rachael Sage/The Tide/The Tide

Mike Laureanno/Troy (For Michael Troy/ Tightrope

Michael Troy/I Want My Country Back/I Am American

The Lords Of Liechtenstein/Mattress King/Downhill Ride To Joyland

Leslie Nuchow/Union Miner/Balm for Gilead


Ray Duncan/When Love Is Not Enough/This Road

Pat Wictor/The Trial/This Is Absolutely Real

Julie Snow/No Tears/No Ordinary Love

Jenny Bienemann/Pay The Piper/Every Soul Grows To The Light

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver/Brother Have You Heard/Tunes From David Holt's State Of Music 2

Alice Gerrard/Calling Me Home/Tunes From David Holt's State Of Music 2

Jon Shain/Touch of An Angel's Hand/Caution to the Wind

Peter Mayer/Head of the Shed /Third Street

Chip Taylor/Los Alamitos Story/A Song I Can Live With


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Paperboys/Back to You/At Peace With One's Ghosts

Judy Klass/State Of Emergency/Protest Songs In An Age Of Trump (Unplugged)

The Lords Of Liechtenstein/Bow To The Hurricane/Downhill Ride To Joyland

Old Crow Medicine Show/Big Time in the Jungle/Best Of  

Tim Grimm/These Rollin' Hills/A Stranger In This Time

Lydia Sylvia/Lonesome Road Blues/Chasing The Ghost

Byrd and Street/Money's Good/This Much Is True

Neil Driscoll/One More Thing/Take It Easy But Take It

Michelle Lewis/ Just Like A Movie/The Parts Of Us That Still Remain

Santo & Johnny/Sleep Walk/40 Instrumental Hits - The Big Hits of the 50's Era

Jim Rooney, Artie Traum, BIll Keith, Roly Salley, Larry Packer, Joe Schick, George James, and Pat Alger/Sleep With One Eye Open/Woodstock Mountains: Music from Mud Acres

Smithfield Fair /Ring Around The Moon/Smithfield Fair: Evermore

Smithfield Fair /Little Margaret/Smithfield Fair: Evermore

Joshua James/Blackbird Sorrow/My Spirit Sister

Mipso/Hallelujah/Coming Down The Mountain

Carla Ulbrich/Joe's Ex-Girlfriends/Totally Average Woman

Chip Taylor/New York In Between/A Song I Can Live With

Jessica Graae/lady liberty/Single

Judy Klass/Watch Your Step/Protest Songs In An Age Of Trump (Unplugged)

Dar Williams/Slippery Slope/Emerald

Doc Watson/Down In the Valley to Pray/The Best of Doc Watson (1964-1968)

No Fuss And Feathers /Drift Away/Traveling Circus

Banjo Nickaru & Western Schooches/Freight Train/Very Next Thing Ep

Anne Sumner/Dry-eyed/These Hours

Red Horse/Forget to Breathe/ Red Horse

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Leslie Nuchow/Sleepwalking/Balm for Gilead

Chris Elliott/Sleepwalkin'/Chris Elliott

The Tiger Lillies/Sleep With The Fishes/Circus Songs

Blitzen Trapper/Sleepytime in the Western World/Furr

Dolly Parton/I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open/The Grass Is Blue

Rod MacDonald/Sleepless Nights/Later That Night

Chip Taylor with Audrey Martells/Sleep With Open Windows/Little Prayers (disc3)

Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge/Sleeping By Myself/Mount Royal

Antje Duvekot /Sleepy Sea Of Indigo And Blue/New Siberia

Alison Krauss/Sleep On/Now That I've Found You

Laurie Lewis/Sleepy Eyes/The Oak And The Laurel

Laura Oden/Sleep Come Home/Peel Back Another Layer

Jackson Browne/Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate/The Pretender

Lucy Kaplansky/Sleep Well/Reunion

The Lied To's /Sleep In/The Lied To's

Skinner + T'witch/Sleeping Rough/Rise

Lisa Moscatiello/Sleepin' Late /Second Avenue

Terence Martin//Sleeper On a Westbound Train/Sleeper

John Prine/Sleepy Eyed Boy/Storm Windows

Mark Berube/Sleep/Suspicious Fish

Slaid Cleaves/Call It Sleep/Unsung

Amy Speace/How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat/How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat

Jennifer Evans//Sleep Young One/The Last Cheap Hotel

The Tokens/The Lion Sleeps Tonight /Pure 60's: The #1 Hits

The Good Lovelies/Sleepwalkin'/Good Lovelies

Robby Hecht/Soon I Was Sleeping/Robby Hecht


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