Mike Agranoff/The Kid With the Comic Book/Straight Lines

Mike Agranoff/The Folkie/...Or Would You Rather Get A Job?

Mike Agranoff /The Ballad of Captain Crunch/Straight Lines

Mike Agranoff /Urge for Going/Straight Lines

Mike Agranoff/Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, First Movement/Straight Lines

Mike Agranoff /The Mary Ellen Carter Straight Lines

Mike Agranoff /City of New Orleans/Straight Lines

Mike Agranoff /Iowa Pot/Straight Lines

Mike Agranoff /Sing That Stephen Foster Song/Straight Lines

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Rachael Sage/Blue Roses/  Blue Roses  

Rachael Sage/Misery's Grace /Rachael Sage/ Blue Roses  

Rachael Sage/Not Leaving You / Blue Roses  

Moors And McCumber /You Take Me Somewhere Pandemonium

Moors And McCumber My Heart Is Open Pandemonium

Moors And McCumber Pandemonium Pandemonium

Kelly Bosworth/Tell Me/Kelly Bosworth

Kelly Bosworth/When You Went Away/Kelly Bosworth

Kelly Bosworth/Waters/Kelly Bosworth

Fred Gillen Jr/Ghost of Joe Hill/ Wage Love

Fred Gillen Jr/Walking Down That Freedom Highway /Wage Love

Fred Gillen Jr/Occupy Your Own Mind/Wage Love

Scott & Michelle Dalziel/Mormon Cowboy/Dragonflies

Scott & Michelle Dalziel/Weeds/ Dragonflies

Scott & Michelle Dalziel/Words/Dragonflies

Tom Pacheco /MacDougal Summer/Boomtown

Tom Pacheco/Boomtown /Boomtown

Tom Pacheco/What Would Woddy Think/Boomtown

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Music and interview with Sharon Glassman


Sharon Glassman/Marisa/Blame It On Hoboken

Sharon Glassman/Downtown /Blame It On Hoboken

Sharon Glassman/The Broken Sea/Blame It On Hoboken

Sharon Glassman/Uh Huh/Blame It On Hoboken Songs Vol 2

Sharon Glassman/Arrow of Love/Blame it on Hoboken: The Songs

Sharon Glassman/A Voice I Used To Know/ Blame it on Hoboken: The Songs

Sharon Glassman/Pebble With A Cause/Blame it on Hoboken: The Songs

Sharon Glassman/Get In Line Blame it on Hoboken: The Songs

Sharon Glassman/Blame It On Hoboken/Blame It On Hoboken


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This is the podcast of Mostly Folk from the Catskill Mountains NY. We will cover newly released albums and classic folk and bluegrass music as well as some traditional music that may or may not be true to the genre. That's why it's called Mostly Folk. Sometimes irreverent, often opinionated but always entertaining. You may even hear a radio "magic trick" every so often Broadcasts for the time being will be 2-3 times a week.

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Eliza Gilkyson /Midnight Oil /The Nocturne Diaries

Eliza Gilkyson /The Red Rose and the Thorn /The Nocturne Diaries

Eliza Gilkyson/ The Ark /The Nocturne Diaries

Bob Dylan/Stay With Me/Shadows in the Night

Bob Dylan/Autumn Leaves/Shadows in the Night

Bob Dylan/That Lucky Old Sun/Shadows in the Night

Steven Gellman/Second Chance/Return to Summer Lake

Steven Gellman/Beautiful Day /Peaceful World

Steven Gellman/Home Sweet Home (Live)/Songs of Winter's Cheer

David Williams /Snowblind/Little Prayers of Belief

David Williams /Could You Be the Gypsy/Little Prayers of Belief

David Williams /Old Dancing Bear/Little Prayers of Belief

Ynana Rose/Golden / Rose

Ynana Rose/Do I Ever Cross Your Mind/Ynana Rose

Ynana Rose/Everywhere/Ynana Rose

John Flynn/Bury Me with My Guitar/Poor Man's Diamonds

John Flynn/Kintsugi/Poor Man's Diamonds

John Flynn/The Pennywhistle and the Rose/Poor Man's Diamonds

Brandi Carlile/That Wasn't Me/Bear Creek

Brandi Carlile/Wherever Is Your Heart/The Firewatcher's Daughter

Brandi Carlile/The Eye/The Firewatcher's Daughter


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Lothar and the Hand People/Space Hymn/Space Hymn

Suzanne Vega/Gypsy/Retrospective: The Best Of Suzanne Vega

SONiA Of Disappear Fear/Love Out Loud/Broken Film

The Steel Wheels/Kiss me like a stranger/No More Rain

Steve Goodman/The Dutchman/Anthology: No Big Surprise

The Stray Birds/The Bells/Best Medicine

David Williams/ Frozen in the Ice Age Little Prayers of Belief

Neil Driscoll /Frozen River/Take It Easy But Take It

Dean Batstone/ Frozen Night/ Lonely In America

Beth Wood/Wildest Dream/Sometimes Love

Bettman & Halpin/Madeline/Diamond

Jon Brooks/Madeline/Delicate Cages

Dolly Parton & Emmy Rossum/When Love Is New/Songcatcher

Red Hen Stringband/Off the Griddle /Birds of a Feather

Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Heart Like A Wheel/Kate & Anna McGarrigle

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Karyn Oliver/Magdalene/Magdalene

Donna Hughes /Sad Old Train /Gaining Wisdom

David Roth/Gush Or Bore/Think Twice

Shawna Caspi/ I Will Bring You Home/Skyline

Dennis Cash/A Carter Family Song/Sing Me A Carter Family Song

Old Crow Medicine Show/I Hear Them All/Big Iron World

John Prine/Illegal Smile/John Prine

Donovan/Colours/Donovan's Greatest Hits

Sarah McQuaid/Kenilworth/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Jude Johnstone/Quiet Girl/Quiet Girl

Leonard Cohen/You Got Me Singing/  Popular Problems

Loretta Hagen/School Bus Driver/Sundown Till Dawn

Sammy Walker /My Old Yearbook/Broadside Ballads, Vol. 8: Song for Patty

Lucinda Williams/Concrete And Barbed Wire /Car Wheels On A Gravel Road


Direct download: episode203120-2013A233A152C2010.2920AM.mp3
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Ellis/Freedom /Tigers Above Tigers Below

Martin Luther King Jr. /Bloody Sunday, Selma, AL (March 7, 1965)/Been to the Mountaintop - EP

Bob Dylan/Only a Pawn In Their Game/The Times They Are A-Changin'

Odetta /Freedom Trilogy (Oh Freedom, Come & Go With Me, I'm On My Way)/Gonna Let It Shine

The Kennedys /Chimes Of Freedom/Half A Million Miles

Magpie, Kim Harris & Reggie Harris/Freedom Riders (Featuring Magpie)/What's That I Hear - The Songs Of Phil Ochs [Disc 2]

Emma's Revolution/Bound For Freedom/One X 1,000,000 = Change

Tim Grimm/Blowin in the Wind/Holding Up The World

Phil Ochs/Too Many Martyrs/ All The News That's Fit To Sing

Emmylou Harris/My Name is Emmett Till/Hard Bargain

Honor Finnegan/Freedom/Human Heart

Chip Taylor/New Song of Freedom/New Songs of Freedom

Fred Gillen Jr/Free!/Gone Gone Gone

Tom Pacheco/Free/The Best Of Tom Pacheco-The Secret Hits, Vol. 2

Eva Cassidy/People Get Ready/Songbird

Peter, Paul & Mary/All My Trials/Blowin' In The Wind [Disc 1]

Pete Seeger/We Shall Overcome/Classic Folk Music From Smithsonian Folkways


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Linda McRae/Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts            /Rough Edges & Ragged Hearts

Dayna Kurtz and Mamie Minch/Only the Lonely/For the Love of Hazel: Songs for Hazel Dickens

Dulcie Taylor/New Stone/Dulcie Taylor 14 Only Worn One Time(Mesa/Bluemoon)

Suzanne Vega/The Queen And The Soldier (Live)/Retrospective: The Best Of Suzanne Vega

Edie Carey & Sarah Sample/Turn Around/'Til the Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort

Greg Trooper/ Floating/Floating

Heywood Banks/If Pigs Had Wings - Live on Q95/If Pigs Had Wings And Other Favorite Songs

The Henry Girls/So Long But Not Goodbye/Louder Than Words

Iris DeMent/Let The Mystery Be/Infamous Angel

John Flynn/For the Birds (Owed to St. Francis)/Poor Man's Diamonds

Art Podell/But Then You Smile/From the Village to the Canyon: A Songwriter's Journey

Anthony da Costa/In The U.S.A./Quality Time

Aztec Two-Step/Rabbit In The Moon /Cause & Effect

Ben Bedford/One Night At A Time/Land Of The Shadows

Antje Duvekot/ Reasonland/The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer

Tom Paxton /Rambling Boy/Greatest Folksingers of the 'Sixties

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Robby Hecht/The Sea And The Shore/Robby Hecht

Emmylou Harris/Home Sweet Home /Hard Bargain

Mary Gauthier /Mercy Now/ Mercy Now

Alison Krauss and Union Station/Dimming Of The Day/Paper Airplane

Mark Knopfler/ Je Suis De'Sole'/Golden Heart

Old Crow Medicine Show/Sweet Amarillo/Remedy

Red Molly/Sing To Me/The Red Album

Chip Taylor with Audrey Martells/I'll Only Be Me Once/Little Prayers Trilogy

Brooksie Wells/ Just the Best/ Anything But Love

The Copper Ponies/Ring Them Bells/ Ring Them Bells

David Massengill/The Whittlin' Boy/Twilight The Taj Mahal

The Dresden Dolls/Coin-Operated Boy/The Dresden Dolls

Darden Smith/Baltimore/Love Calling

Eliza Gilkyson /All Right Here The Nocturne Diaries

Carlene Carter /Gold Watch And Chain/Carter Girl

Kris Kristofferson/My Heart Was The Last One To Know/Feeling Mortal

John Malcolm Penn/Tennessee Girl/Driftin' River


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