Chip Taylor/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World

Chip Taylor/Jesus Christ -Don't let the Cactus Fall/Jesus Christ don't let the Cactus Fall

Chip Taylor/F**K All The Perfect People/F**K All The Perfect People

Ari & Mia/Turtle/Land On Shore

Ari & Mia/Starry Crown/Land On Shore

Ari & Mia/Away/Land On Shore

Charlie Roth/Lady of the West/Oh My Stars

Charlie Roth/Last Letter Waltz/Oh My Stars

Charlie Roth/Five More Minutes/Oh My Stars

Chip Taylor/The Last Video/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World

Terence Martin /Dogtown/Division Street

Terence Martin /Orphanage Trees/Waterproof

Terence Martin /The Way It Didn't Go/Sleeper

Phil Henry/St. Anthony's Mission Store/Aberdeen

Phil Henry/Hometown/Aberdeen

Phil Henry/Rutland/Aberdeen

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The Chieftains/Morning Has Broken (w/Diana Krall And Art Garfunkel)/The Wide World Over

Norah Rendell/ St. Patrick's Day/Spinning Yarns

Mary Black/Song For Ireland/Women Of The World: Celtic

David Rovics/Saint Patrick Battalion/Waiting For The Fall - A Retrospective

Charlie Roth/Irish Angel/Rogues of St. Germain

Celtic Thunder /Ireland's Call/Celtic Thunder

Rod MacDonald/Ireland, Ireland/Recognition

Si Kahn/Ireland Of My Dreams/Courage

Greg Trooper/Ireland/ Between A House And A Hard Place Live At Pinehill Fa

Heywood Banks/Why St. Patrick drove the Snakes!/

The Onlies/Moll Ha'Penny - Dennis Murphy's/Long Before Light

Jess Klein/Ireland/Draw Them Near

Piper-Grey/Ireland/Piper-Grey Live @ The Onion!

Mark Knopfler /Irish Boy /Screenplaying

Eric Andersen /Irish Lace/Ghosts Upon The Road

Van Morrison & The Chieftains/Irish Heartbeat/Irish Heartbeat

Liam Clancy/Patriot Game/Irish Troubadour

Antje Duvekot /Dublin Boys/Snapshots

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Terence Martin/ Bird To Take You South/The Last Black And White TV

Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band/Hackett's Cove/Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band

The Levins/World of Peace/Trust

The Henry Girls/Reason To Believe (Featuring Inishowen Gospel Choir)/Louder Than Words

Alex Smith/My Girl's Waiting for Me /Hamilton County

The Burns Sisters/Clare To Here/Looking Back - Our Irish American Souls

The Henry Girls/The Weather/ Louder Than Words

The Onlies/Jubilee/Long Before Light

Jory Nash/Ain't Coming Home/The Many Hats of Jory Nash

Antje Duvekot /The Bridge/The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer

Ari & Mia/Marble Moon/Land On Shore

Spuyten Duyvil/ Stewball/The Social Music Hour Vol. 1

Neptune's Car/ River Street/The 45th Parallel

Dar Williams/ Light And The Sea/In The Time Of Gods [Advance]

Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band/Straight To You/Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band

Brandi Carlile/The Things I Regret/The Firewatcher's Daughter

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The Onlies/Skipping Stones - North Fork/Long Before Light

The Onlies/Chips And Sauce/Long Before Light

The Onlies/Handsome Molly/Long Before Light

Jory Nash /Whispers/The Many Hats of Jory Nash

Jory Nash/ The Lord & The Losing Streak/The Many Hats of Jory Nash

Jory Nash /Homeless Man/The Many Hats of Jory Nash

Brandi Carlile/Wilder (We're Chained)/The Firewatcher's Daughter

Brandi Carlile/Heroes and Songs/The Firewatcher's Daughter

Brandi Carlile/The Eye/The Firewatcher's Daughter

Terence Martin/Rivers Still Rising/The Last Black And White TV

Terence Martin/ All the Bricks in Baltimore/Sleeper

Terence Martin /Three Hours Ahead/Field Recordings

Terence Martin/ Bethlehem/Sleeper

Chuck Brodsky/I Used To Fall/Tell Tale Heart

Chuck Brodsky /Rachel's Guitar/Tell Tale Heart

Chuck Brodsky       The Handshake/Tell Tale Heart

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First Aid Kit/Emmylou/iTunes Session

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/You Can't Break Me Again/Life On Fire

Claudia Schmidt/I'm A Little Cookie/Keepers 2 - More Morning Show Favorites

Aztec Two-Step/I_Dont_Wanna_to_Go/Times of Our Lives

Fred Gillen Jr/Cost of War/Wage Love

Gilles Malkine/ Sweetdream Blues/TimeDog

The Honey Dewdrops /Silver Lining/Silver Lining

Terence Martin/ mutineer/lost hills

Steven Gellman/Snow Day (Live)/Songs of Winter's Cheer

Terry Holder/Superman's Wife/Flowers At Midnight

Tim Grimm/Indiana/The Turning Point

Tom Pacheco/The Snowstorm/Woodstock Winter

Tracy Grammer/Hard To Make It/Flower Of Avalon

Voices On The Verge/Louise /Live In Philadelphia

The Wailin' Jennys/Glory Bound/Firecracker

The Waymores/Wilder Girl/The Waymores

The Squirrel Hillbillies/When I'm Gone/The Squirrel Hillbillies

The Twangtown Paramours/CHAINS/The Promise of Friday Night


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Spuyten Duyvil/ Lord Franklin/The Social Music Hour Vol. 1

Spuyten Duyvil /The Cruel War/The Social Music Hour Vol. 1

Spuyten Duyvil/ Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet/The Social Music Hour Vol. 1

Mélisande [Électrotrad]/Je fais la difficile/Les métamorphoses

Mélisande [Électrotrad]/La recompense/Les métamorphoses

Mélisande [Électrotrad]/L'ivrognesse/Les métamorphoses

Qristina & Quinn Bachand/Three Little Babes/Little Hinges

Qristina & Quinn Bachand/What You Do With What You've Got/Little Hinges

Qristina & Quinn Bachand/Hang Me/Little Hinges

The Henry Girls/Rain and Snow/December Moon

The Henry Girls/Sweet Dreams/December Moon

The Henry Girls/Could't Ask for More/December Moon

Jon Brooks/Gun Dealer/The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside

Jon Brooks/Felix Culpa/The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside

Jon Brooks/Worse Than Indians/The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside

David Williams/ Could You Be the Gypsy/Little Prayers of Belief

David Williams /Last Safari/Little Prayers of Belief

David Williams /Old Dancing Bear/Little Prayers of Belief

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Sammy Walker /Catcher In the Rye/Broadside Ballads, Vol. 8: Song for Patty           

Spuyten Duyvil/ Hot Time In The Old Town - Preaching On The Old Camp GroundThe Social Music Hour Vol. 1           

Mélisande [Électrotrad]/Complainte de Daniel Lebel/Les métamorphoses           

Pine Hill Project/Missing You /Tomorrow You're Going           

Donna Hughes /Facebook/From The Heart           

Caroline Cotter Pollyanna/Dreaming As I Do           

Ellis/500 Crows/Wherever You Are           

FERRON/Proud Crowd/pride Cried Impressionistic DOUBLE CD           

Cheryl Wheeler/ One Love/Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar           

Dar Williams/When I Was A Boy (Acoustic Revisited Version) [feat. Patty Larkin]            Many Great Companions (Bonus Track Version)/Dar Williams

FERRON/Snowin' In Brooklyn/Impressionistic DOUBLE CD           

Lucy Kaplansky/The Angels Rejoiced Last Night/Every Single Day 

Joan Baez/Henry Russell's Last Words/Day After Tomorrow           

Kate Rusby/Let Them Fly/Make The Light           

Jessica Smucker/Crazy These Days/Tumbling After           

Gina Forsyth/Elegy/Promised Land           

Conor Oberst, Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings Machine/Four Strong Winds/            Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'           


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Donna Hughes/All You Need Is a Dream/Fly

Donna Hughes/Fools Rush In/Fly

Donna Hughes/Nothing Left to Say/Fly

Tillamook Burn/Corrina/Tillamook Burn

Tillamook Burn/Skinny Leg Blues /Tillamook Burn

Tillamook Burn/Roberta/Tillamook Burn

Charlie Mosbrook/Emeryville/A Time Long Gone

Charlie Mosbrook/Anywhere Else But Here/A Time Long Gone

Charlie Mosbrook/I Bid You Goodnight/A Time Long Gone

Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band/Friends All Over The Place            Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band

Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band/Quite Early Morning (Darkest Before The Dawn)            Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band

Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band/Beulah Land/Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band

Keb' Mo'/Tomorrow Is a Long Time/Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Marcus Mumford, Oscar Isaac & Punch Brothers/Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song) /Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Gillian Welch, Dave Rawlings Machine & Willie Watson/I Hear Them All / This Land Is Your Land/Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Peter, Paul & Mary/Cactus In A Coffee Can (Live)/Discovered: Live In Concert

Peter, Paul & Mary/Mi Caballo Blanco (Live)/Discovered: Live In Concert

Peter, Paul & Mary/Midnight Special (Live)/Discovered: Live In Concert



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Red Molly/Sing To Me/The Red Album

Brandi Carlile/Wherever Is Your Heart/The Firewatcher's Daughter

Michael Jerome Browne/Sliding Delta/Sliding Delta

Patty Griffin/Be Careful/1000 Kisses

Marc Black/Sometime a Spark/Sometime a Spark

Loretta Hagen/Mud And Stone/Mud And Stone

Jim Photoglo /Liliana/Halls of My Heart

Joe Crookston/Impermanent Things/Georgia I'm Here

Charles Lyonhart/Long Way Home/Leap Of Faith

Cheryl Wheeler/Shutcher Piehole (Live) /Greetings: Cheryl Wheeler Live (feat. Kenny White)

Chip Taylor/Little Prayers/Little Prayers (disc3)

Tillamook Burn/In The Wee Midnight Hours/Tillamook Burn

Cowboy Jack Clement/Beautiful Dreamer/album unknown           

Dubl Handi/Shortnin' Bread/Up Like the Clouds

Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt/All Along The Watchtower            Crooked Fiddle

Donna Hughes/I'll Fly Away/Fly


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Flagship Romance/Amsterdam/Fee Fie Foh Fum

Flagship Romance/A Strange Thing/Fee Fie Foh Fum

Flagship Romance/Lasts/Fee Fie Foh Fum

Pine Hill Project/Rain Just Falls/Tomorrow You're Going

Pine Hill Project/Missing You/Tomorrow You're Going

Pine Hill Project/Farewell to St. Dolores/Tomorrow You're Going

Phil Henry/Old Joe's Chair/Aberdeen

Phil Henry/Birdhouse In Your Soul/Aberdeen

Phil Henry/Hard Times Come Again No More/Aberdeen

J.W. McClure/In The Jailhouse Now, No. 2/Interpretations Of Jimmie Rodgers

J.W. McClure/Miss The Mississippi And You /Interpretations Of Jimmie Rodgers

J.W. McClure/Roll Along Kentucky Moon/Interpretations Of Jimmie Rodgers

John & Sheila Ludgate/ Robert Frost Said.../Two, Three, Four...

John & Sheila Ludgate /Family Man/Two, Three, Four...

John & Sheila Ludgate /I'm A Dog/Two, Three, Four...

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