John Batdorf/Something Is Slipping Away/Home Again

Bob Dylan/ Eternal Circle/The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare And Unreleased) 1961-1991

Rosi Lalor /Leap of Faith/Flowers for the Living

Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard/The Only Man Wilder Than Me/Django and Jimmie

Trout Steak Revival/Days of Gray/Brighter Every Day

Annie Gallup/Caledonia/Ghost

Tom Chapin/City Of New Orleans/70

Katie Dahl /Lombardi Avenue/Ordinary Band

The John Byrne/ Band/The Lakes Of Ponchartrain         Celtic Folk

Dave Crossland /The Man Who Would Be King/         Mother Country

Danny Schmidt/All The More To Wonder/Owls

Dana Sipos/Road To Michigan/Roll Up The Night Sky

Jim Kerns/California Day.Final /Single

Andy & Judy/Potter's Field/Follow Your Dream

The Waifs/Beautiful You/Beautiful You

Jonathan Edwards/Hard Times/Tomorrow"S Child

Kat Goldman/Summersong/ Gypsy Girl


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Caroline Doctorow/Prairie In The Sky/I Carry All I Own

Caroline Doctorow/Raven Girl/Raven Girl

Caroline Doctorow/Another Country/Songs of Richard&MimiFarina Another Country

Caroline Doctorow /The Ballad Maker/ Little Lovin' Darling

Neptune's Car/Saugerties, New York The 45th Parallel

Neptune's Car /The Storm/ The 45th Parallel

Neptune's Car/ Emily Dickinson /The 45th Parallel

Leaf Rapids/ Don't Be Scared /Lucky Stars

Leaf Rapids/ Welcome Stranger /Lucky Stars

Leaf Rapids /Galaxie 500 /Lucky Stars

Annie Gallup /Rock Salt And Nails/Ghost

Annie Gallup/Raised By Wolves/Ghost

Annie Gallup/Battle Of Brooklyn/Ghost

Hungrytown/Static/Further West

Hungrytown/Sometime/Further West

Hungrytown/Pastures of Plenty/Further West

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Punch Brothers /Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Sons of the Pioneers /Tumbling Tumbleweeds/ Tumbling Tumbleweeds

Jude Johnstone/  Shatter/Shatter

Rick Drost/The Price Of Fear /Some Songs 2015

Kat Goldman/Letter from Paris/Gypsy Girl

Craig Siemsen/It Is What It Is/Paint Me a Picture

Dubl Handi/Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind/Morning in a New Machine

Glen Roethel/Beautiful Now/Unfolding

Donna Ulisse/Banks of Roane River/The Songwriter in Me:The Demo Recordings

Tom Chapin/Down There/70

Brandi Carlile/The Eye/The Firewatcher's Daughter

Chuck Brodsky/ Not a Single Shot/Tell Tale Heart

Greg Trooper/Amelia (Live)/Live At the Rock Room

Sandy Ross/Distant Campfire/Grandma's Got a Boombox

Spuyten Duyvil /Fishing Blues/ The Social Music Hour, Vol. 1

Todd Burge/Time to Waste Time/Imitation Life

Earnest Lovers/No Songs Came By Today/Sing Sad Songs

Neptune's Car/Fly Fishing The Big Hole/The 45th Parallel

Ashley Davis/Night Travels/Night Travels

 Sue Massek/Girl Of Constant Sorrow/Precious Memories

Christopher James Sheridan/Old Fashioned Pound Notes/Old Fashioned Pound Notes

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Eliot Bronson/ Never Been A Friend Of Mine/Eliot Bronson

Eliot Bronson/Time Ain't Nothin'/Eliot Bronson

Eliot Bronson/Baltimore/Eliot Bronson

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/I Gotta Have My Baby Back/Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/Me and The Man In The Moon /Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/I Hear You Talking/Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Slocan Ramblers/Elk River/Coffee Creek

Slocan Ramblers/Call Me Long Gone/Coffee Creek

Slocan Ramblers/Pastures Of Plenty / Honey Babe            Coffee Creek

Mark Knopfler/ Beryl/Tracker

Mark Knopfler /My Heart Has Never Changed/Tracker

Mark Knopfler/ River Towns/ Tracker

Jefferson Ross /Not The Thunder/Dogwood Cats

Jefferson Ross/Arvin/Dogwood Cats

Jefferson Ross/Georgia Lullaby/Dogwood Cats


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 Brandi Carlile/Beginning To Feel the Years/The Firewatcher's Daughte

Mark Knopfler/ Laughs and Jokes and Drinks and Smokes/Tracker

Zak Smith/Nothing But Drugs/The Precambrian Age

Arthur James/Got Me a Woman/Me, Myself & I

Kat Goldman/Gypsy Girl/Gypsy Girl

The Show Ponies/Get Me While I'm Young/Run for Your Life

Eliot Bronson/River Runs Dry (Acoustic Demo)/Eliot Bronson

Krista Detor/So Goes The Night/Chocolate Paper Suites

Tom Russell/Guilty; Johnny Behind-the-Deuce/Rose Of Roscrae

Joan Baez/Diamonds And Rust/Diamonds & Rust

Cheryl Wheeler/ But The Days And Nights Are/ Long Sylvia Hotel

Ken Whiteley and The Beulah Band/Straight To You/Ken Whiteley And The Beulah Band

The Wailin' Jennys/Beautiful Dawn/40 Days

Lucy Kaplansky/The Gift/Over The Hills

Kaia Kater/En Filant Ma Quenouille/Sorrow Bound

Antje Duvekot/Reasonland/The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer

The Onlies/The Way We Sung/Long Before Light

Pharis and Jason Romero/A Wanderer I'll Stay/A Wanderer I'll Stay


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Ben Harper/A House Is A Home/Childhood Home

Ben Harper/Born To Love You/Childhood Home

Ben Harper/Learn It All Again Tomorrow/Childhood Home

Daniel Koulack & Karnnel Sawitsky/How Does A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live/            Tunes From the North, Songs from the South

Daniel Koulack & Karnnel Sawitsky/Little Birdie/Tunes From the North, Songs from the South

Daniel Koulack & Karnnel Sawitsky/Sally In The Garden/Tunes From the North, Songs from the South

Fy5/Old Dog Waltz/Eat The Moon

Fy5/Mama's Cookin'/Eat The Moon

Fy5/After Tonight/Eat The Moon

Jayme Stone /Before This Time Another Year /The Lomax Project

Jayme Stone/  Maids When You're Young/The Lomax Project

Jayme Stone /Lambs On The Green Hills/The Lomax Project

Mark Allen Berube/Lying in a Box/Sticky

Mark Allen Berube/Friend Me Lately/Sticky

Mark Allen Berube/Vampire Women of Jersey City/Sticky

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/You Can't Break Me Again/Life On Fire

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/Last Coin/Life On Fire

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/Brooklyn Mermaids/Life On Fire

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Ben Harper/Altar Of Love/Childhood Home

Elaine Romanelli/Red Tail/The Hour Before

David Rovics/They're Building a Wall/The Commons

Matt Nakoa/Stormchaser/A Dozen Other Loves

Kat Goldman/Traveling Band            /Gypsy Girl

Eliot Bronson/Rough Ride/Rough Ride (single)

Fy5/She Wants To Eat The Moon/Eat The Moon

Brindl/Space & Time/Love It Up

Chip Taylor/The Supreme Court/Little Prayers (disc3)

Emily Hurd/Trees/Landmark

Willie Nelson/Somewhere Between/Django and Jimmie

George Mann/His Name Was John Perry/Portraits

Dar Williams/Girl of the World/Emerald

Si Kahn/ Everything Is Bigger in Alaska           

Sue Massek/I'm Going To Organize/Precious Memories

Adam Michael Rothberg/Skagway 1895/Soul Of A Man

The Burns Sisters/Oh Danny Boy/Looking Back - Our Irish American Souls

Natalie Merchant/The End/Natalie Merchant


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Kat Goldman/Make It Easy On Me/Gypsy Girl

Kat Goldman/Harvard Boys/Gypsy Girl

Kat Goldman/Weight of the World/Sing Your Song

Dubl Handi/Red Rocking Chair/Morning in a New Machine

Dubl Handi/Don't Get Trouble in Your Mind/Morning in a New Machine

Dubl Handi/Let Me Fall/Morning in a New Machine

Kaia Kater/Come And Rest/Sorrow Bound

Kaia Kater/Moonshiner/Sorrow Bound

Kaia Kater/Southern Girl/Sorrow Bound

Adam Michael Rothberg/Central Square/Soul Of A Man

Adam Michael Rothberg/Lullaby/Soul Of A Man

Adam Michael Rothberg/Shirley's Gone/Soul Of A Man

Donna Ulisse/He's Still a Believer/The Songwriter in Me:The Demo Recordings

Donna Ulisse/Let It Rain/The Songwriter in Me:The Demo Recordings

Donna Ulisse/I'm in for a Long Ride/The Songwriter in Me:The Demo Recordings

Steve Spurgin/Church Street Blues/Solo Flight

Steve Spurgin/Sing Me a Song About Home/Solo Flight

Steve Spurgin/I Miss My Mary Tonight/Solo Flight

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Rachel Platten/Fight Song/Fight Song - EP

Rita Hosking/ Where the Grassroots Grow /Single (New)

Charlie King/Last Night Danny Went Sailing /So Far So Good

Katie Dahl/Snakes/Ordinary Band

Carolann Solebello/Put Down the Gun/Steel and Salt

Jon Brooks/Gun Dealer/The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside

Cheryl Wheeler /Don't Forget The Guns/Driving Home

10,000 Maniacs/Gun Shy/In My Tribe

Sammy Walker/ Guns And Guns And Guns/Old Time Southern Dream

Driftwood/Confidence Is/Driftwood: A Rock And Roll Heart

Camela Widad /Lighthouse/Warriors of Love

Ellis/Trouble/Right On Time

Phil Henry/Old Joe's Chair/Aberdeen

John Malcolm Penn/Pony Express/L.A. Blues

Bobtown/Across The River/A History Of Ghosts

Jami Lynn/Sturm & Drang/Fall Is a Good Time to Die

Jack White/Did You Hear John Hurt?/ Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Krista Detor/Always Somewhere (Featuring Joe Crookston)/Flat Earth Diary


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Well we tied that knot, just look at those rings we got, gonna wear ‘em each hereafter day

We knew it was meant to be, didn’t have to go wait and see, no matter what they say

I think you’d agree we’re doing a-okay.

But you’re shaking your head, now I’m tossing in bed.

Are you smiling the smile that you wanted to shout?

Are we doing it wrong?

Are we dancing along?

Down the slippery slope they had told us about?

When you do that thing, that stubbornly not talking

Just say it’s me I’ll say it’s true.

For I am a horse’s ass in a dancing class

Just getting around. Apologizing and knocking everybody down.

Am I saying too much, not sayin enough in the push and the pull and the working it out.

Are we letting it slide? Are we taking a ride down a slippery slope that they told us about?

At the start of an avalanche, well grab a hold of an olive branch until that sun comes out again.

Or how about in the things we do, you think of me and I’ll think of you

Right through to the end, hand and hand as we go and the best of friends.

You’re my beacon of light, you’re my noblest fight

You’re the surest of things that I ever have found.

There’s a twist and a turn, there’s a bridge you can burn

There’s a slippery slope, let’s stand our ground.

Dar Williams & Jim Lauderdale

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