Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez/Whos Gonna Build That Wall/single

Paul Sachs/All That Love Provides/Love Is Love

Adler & Hearne/Pineywoods Are Singing Our Song /Simpatico (MP3)

Courtney Granger/Don't Put Her Down You Helped Put Her There/Beneath Still Waters

Larry Murante/Little Patch Of Sky/Patch Of Sky

Rob McHale/Tom Dula ( Set Me Free )/Tom Dooley And Friends

Katherine Rondeau/Broken Bird/New Hope Chateau

Chicago Farmer/Umbrella/Midwest Side Stories

Jack Grelle/Birthday Cards/Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down

Beth DeSombre/Dandelion Wine/I Was Here

Andrew John & Lissa/ Time/ At Home

Ron Renningmike vialer/Boundaries /The Man Who Became A Song

Paul Sachs/Oswald's Window/Survival Is the New Success

Si Kahn/Otis Is Flying/Courage

Jude Johnstone/Wounded Heart/Coming of Age

Mike Vial/Little Drum/A World That's Bigger

Danny Greenberg/Where Your Love Used To Be/Morning Song

Andrew Finn Magill/What Bloomed In April/Branches

Danny Greenberg/This Place I'm In/Morning Song

Bob Weir/Blue Mountain/Blue Mountain

Gathering Time/ Battles That I've Won/Keepsake

The Honey Dewdrops/Hills Of My Home/Silver Lining

Bobtown/Across The River/A History Of Ghosts



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Efrat/Serenade/The Silver Lining

Efrat/ Chance/The Silver Lining

Efrat/The Silver Lining/The Silver Lining

Efrat/Teach Me Tonight/No Strings Attached

Efrat/Nice Work If You Can Get It/No Strings Attached

Efrat/No Strings Attached/No Strings Attached

Efrat/Keep On The Sunny Side/The Silver Lining

Spuytin Duyvil/Let The Rain Come Down/Spuyten Duyvil

Spuyten Duyvil/Honey Whiskey/Temptation

Efrat/Before You Were Born/The Silver Lining

Efrat/Bring Me Peace/The Silver Lining

Bobtown/Fosse Grim/A History Of Ghosts

Bobtown/Darlin'/A History Of Ghosts

Spuyten Duyvil/Honey On My Grave/Temptation

Efrat/Love Kicked The Devil/The Silver Lining

Efrat/Heaven Down Here/ The Silver Lining

Efrat/Turn, Turn, Turn/The Silver Lining

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Marc Black with John Sebastian, Eric Weissberg, Steve Somers (the Schmoozer), Warren Bernhardt and George Quinn/Mets Song/Pictures of the Highway

Laura Oden/One Tattoo Girl /Alchemy

Andrew Finn Magill/Maurice O'connor's Third Air/Roots

Jim Palana/Emmylou's Waltz/Lefty

Pat Guadagno/ Dont Let Us Get Sick/Live at the City Lights Saloon

Pat Guadagno with Keb Mo/ This Guitar Is for Sale/Ney Jersey Material

Nancy Cassidy/Come Home to Me/Heart of a Song

John Gorka/Winter Cows/Before Beginning

Carla Ulbrich/The Scooter Store/Live From Outer Space

Judy Collins & Ari Hest/Elena/Silver Skies Blue

Spook Handy/ My Rainbow Race/Keep The Flame Alive

Kaia Kater/Nine Pin/Nine Pin

Gordie Tentrees Band/Love in Ink/Less Is More

Amber Rubarth/You Got Through/Scribbled Folk Symphonies

Lenne Klingaman/Mercy Street/The Heart Is The Hunter

Meg Braun/Oh My Lorraine/Restless Moon

Gathering Time/Mom's Guitar/Keepsake

Joe Giacoio/ Galileo/I Sing The Body Acoustic

Brother Sun Carried Away Weights & Wings

Bettman & Halpin/Diamond/Diamond

Bill Staines/Mama Lou/ Old Dogs

Ellis/500 Crows/Wherever You Are - Live Show - Set One

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Sarah McQuaid/Canticle Of The Sun (All Creatures Of Our God And King)/ Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/The Parting Glass/When Two Lovers Meet

Sarah McQuaid/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/Yellowstone/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/I Am Grateful For What I Have/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/The Silver Lining/Walking Into White

Mama/Crow Coyote Buffalo/Crow Coyote Buffalo

Mama/Sunshine/ On a Rainy Day 2008/Crow Coyote Buffalo

Sarah McQuaid/New Oysters New/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Sarah McQuaid/Jackdaws Rising/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/The Tide/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/Where The Wind Decides To Blow/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/Walking Into White/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/The Plum Tree and The Rose/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Sarah McQuaid/Low Winter Sun/Walking Into White

Sarah McQuaid/In The Pines/I Won’t Go Home ’Til Morning

Sarah McQuaid/Can She Excuse My Wrongs/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Sarah McQuaid/In Gratitude I Sing/The Plum Tree and The Rose

Sarah McQuaid/Leave It For Another Day/Walking Into White

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Leslie Nuchow/ Water /Balm for Gilead

Robin Greenstein/Here I Am (Hineni)/Tears And Laughter

Leslie Nuchow/ Union Miner/ Balm for Gilead


Linda Ronstadt /Talk To Me Of Mendocino/            

David Massengill/Culture Hurts/My Home Must Be A Special Place

Pop Trash/ Anna/Pop Trash

The Stray Birds/Mississippi Pearl/Magic Fire

Pony Hunt/All For Me/Heart Creak

Kenny Neal/I Can't Wait/Bloodline

Ivan Rosenberg/New Year's Waltz/The Littlest Dobro

Courtney Marie Andrews/Table for One/Honest Life

Jim Gaudet And The Railroad Boys/ Here It Comes/ When It Rains

Ray Lambiase/He Doesn't Look A Day Over You/The Ballad Of Three Finger Brown

Chip Taylor/Let Me Fall My Own Way/I'll Carry For You

Bob Dylan/I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine/The Isle Of Wight 1969

Carrie Newcomer/An Empty Chair/A Permeable Life

Roy Orbison/Falling/In Dreams: Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits

John Mellencamp/Do Re Mi/Folkways: A Vision Shared-A Tribute To Woody Guthrie And Leadbelly

Tom Russell, Joe Ely, Eliza Gilkyson/Lily Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts/Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs

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David Massengill/The Fugitive/Twilight The Taj Mahal

David Massengill/My Home Must Be A Special Place /My Home Must Be A Special Place

Hardy & Massengill/The Folk Brothers/Rider On an Orphan Train/Partners In Crime

Hardy & Massengill/The Folk Brothers/The Worst President Ever/Partners In Crime

David Massengill/The Whittlin' Boy/Twilight The Taj Mahal

David Massengill, Jack Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Peter Tork/The Eunuch's Lament/ Traditional Music Revisited

David Massengill/Tree of Rhyme/A Tribute to Jack Hardy

David Massengill/The Girl From Nebraska/My Home Must Be A Special Place

David Massengill/My Name Joe/Coming Up For Air

David Massengill, Erik Frandsen & Mark Dann/On the Road to Fairfax County/CooP - Fast Folk Musical Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1

David Massengill/Chapter 1/Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 1 CD1

David Massengill/The Fairy Jamboree /Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 1 CD1

David Massengill/Mrs Dingleys Green Apple Pie/Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 1 CD2

David Massengill/The Hobgoblins Miscue/Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 1 CD2

David Massengill/The Man Who planted Apple Trees/            Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 1 CD1

David Massengill/When The Sun Goes Down/Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 2 CD4

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Mara Levine/Killing The Blues/Jewels and Harmony

Sam Bayer/Salvation/The Great Indoors

Joe K. Walsh/Red Skies/Borderland

Dar Williams/Iowa /Many Great Companions

Roly Salley, Pat Alger, Artie Traum/Killing the Blues/The Rounder Records Story: Disc One

Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts/The Recruited Collier/The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc/The Hen Hunt/Deliverance

Caleb Klauder/Coming On Strong/Innocent Road

John Prine/Killing The Blues/Pink Cadillac

Simon Scardanelli/ Whirlwind/Make Us Happy

Jaime Michaels /Once Upon A Different Time /Once Upon A Different Time

Michael Johnathon/Garden of Eden/The Dream

The Black Lillies/The Fall/Runaway Freeway Blues

Annie & The Hedonists/Killing The Blues/Good Old Wagon

Pony Hunt/Lay Me Down/Heart Creak

Laura Cortese/Laura Cortese – All In Always, The Dyslexic Undresser, Coffee Drunk/All in Always

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss/ Killing The Blues/Raising Sand

Copper Family /Come Write Me Down, Ye Powers Above /The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

Kat Goldman/Annabel/The Great Disappearing Act

Loretta Hagen/The Fall Wind/Erstwhile

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem/Fall River/Some Bright Morning

Jody Carver and Johnny Cucci/Autumn Leaves/Hot Club of America in Hi Fi

Chip Taylor with Audrey Martells/Sleep With Open Windows/Little Prayers

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Terence Martin            /Bethlehem/Sleeper

Courtney Marie Andrews/Let the Good One Go/Honest Life

Bill Berry/The Brick/Awkward Stage

Jenny Elisabeth & The Gunned Down Horses/ Misty            /Confess, My Love, Confess

Madeleine Peyroux/Got You On My Mind/Secular Hymns

Skinner and T'Witch/Back To The Bills/single

The Sommers Rosenthal Family Band/ You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go/ Down The Road

Jake Bugg/Trouble Town/Jake Bugg

Madison Malone/Breathing /Bloom

Joan Baez/There But For Fortune/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Happy Traum/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue/Just For The Love Of It

Ray Duncan/When Love Is Not Enough/This Road

Linda Draper/Nashville/Modern Day Decay

Richard Shindell/Shades of Black, Shades of Blue/Spring EP

Red Molly/Annabelle/Never Been to Vegas

Rick Danko, Jonas Fjeld & Eric Andersen/Angels in the Snow/Danko / Fjeld / Andersen

Rita Hosking/Parting Glass/Little Boat

Sammy Walker/ Look Away Old Friend /In Concert

Craig Werth/I Had To Get Here/The SpokesMan

Neptune's Car/Lighthouse Keeper/Strawberry Moon

Julie Parisi Kirby/Nonna/In Her Dream

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Pop Trash/Please Accept My Love/Pop Trash

Pop Trash/ Be the One/Pop Trash

Pop Trash/Don't Let This Be The End/Pop Trash

Pop Trash/ I Wish You Were Mine /Pop Trash

Pop Trash/ Anna/Pop Trash

Jayne Olderman/When I Found You (The Adoption Song/             Single

Pop Trash/ Digidelay/Pop Trash

Pop Trash/ What would the Indians Say /Pop Trash

Pop Trash/ Jane/Pop Trash

Pop Trash/Sail Away/ Pop Trash

Bob Sinclar/Cinderella (She Said Her Name) [Meridian Remix]/Cinderella (She Said Her Name) - Single

Pop Trash/ Stranger in Your Eyes/Pop Trash

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Robin Greenstein/Hole In The Ground/Tears And Laughter

Robin Greenstein/I Heard The Road Call Me/ Tears And Laughter

Robin Greenstein/Buddha Watches Silently/Tears And Laughter

Jake Bugg/Broken/Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg/Someone Told Me/Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg/Someplace/Jake Bugg

Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur/The Boll Weevil/Penny's Farm

Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur/Tennessee Blues/Penny's Farm

Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur/Fishing Blues            Penny's Farm

3hattrio/Texas Time Traveler/Solitaire

3hattrio/What Do You Do/Solitaire

3hattrio/Bury Me Not/ Solitaire

The Sommers Rosenthal Family Band/I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome/Down The Road

The Sommers Rosenthal Family Band/East Virginia Blues/Down The Road

The Sommers Rosenthal Family Band/ Brother John/Down The Road

Jim Moray/Early One Morning/The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

Steeleye Span/The Weaver & The Factory Maid /The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

Martin Carthy/Scarborough Fair/The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

Nic Jones/Canadee-I-O/The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

Oysterband/Bold Riley/The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

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