Well we tied that knot, just look at those rings we got, gonna wear ‘em each hereafter day

We knew it was meant to be, didn’t have to go wait and see, no matter what they say

I think you’d agree we’re doing a-okay.

But you’re shaking your head, now I’m tossing in bed.

Are you smiling the smile that you wanted to shout?

Are we doing it wrong?

Are we dancing along?

Down the slippery slope they had told us about?

When you do that thing, that stubbornly not talking

Just say it’s me I’ll say it’s true.

For I am a horse’s ass in a dancing class

Just getting around. Apologizing and knocking everybody down.

Am I saying too much, not sayin enough in the push and the pull and the working it out.

Are we letting it slide? Are we taking a ride down a slippery slope that they told us about?

At the start of an avalanche, well grab a hold of an olive branch until that sun comes out again.

Or how about in the things we do, you think of me and I’ll think of you

Right through to the end, hand and hand as we go and the best of friends.

You’re my beacon of light, you’re my noblest fight

You’re the surest of things that I ever have found.

There’s a twist and a turn, there’s a bridge you can burn

There’s a slippery slope, let’s stand our ground.

Dar Williams & Jim Lauderdale

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