Ben Harper/Altar Of Love/Childhood Home

Elaine Romanelli/Red Tail/The Hour Before

David Rovics/They're Building a Wall/The Commons

Matt Nakoa/Stormchaser/A Dozen Other Loves

Kat Goldman/Traveling Band            /Gypsy Girl

Eliot Bronson/Rough Ride/Rough Ride (single)

Fy5/She Wants To Eat The Moon/Eat The Moon

Brindl/Space & Time/Love It Up

Chip Taylor/The Supreme Court/Little Prayers (disc3)

Emily Hurd/Trees/Landmark

Willie Nelson/Somewhere Between/Django and Jimmie

George Mann/His Name Was John Perry/Portraits

Dar Williams/Girl of the World/Emerald

Si Kahn/ Everything Is Bigger in Alaska           

Sue Massek/I'm Going To Organize/Precious Memories

Adam Michael Rothberg/Skagway 1895/Soul Of A Man

The Burns Sisters/Oh Danny Boy/Looking Back - Our Irish American Souls

Natalie Merchant/The End/Natalie Merchant


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