Katie Dahl /Crowns/Ordinary Band

Katie Dahl/ Snakes/ Ordinary Band

Katie Dahl Morning/ Road /Ordinary Band

Earnest Lovers/ San Andreas' Fault/          Sing Sad Songs

Earnest Lovers/Lights of Anita Sing Sad Songs

Earnest Lovers/Still Missing You         /Sing Sad Songs

Tom Chapin/Old Dogs & Old Friends/70

Tom Chapin/Prayer For Bristol Bay/70

Tom Chapin/City Of New Orleans/70

Jefferson Ross/Arvin/Dogwood Cats

Jefferson Ross/Trouble Is/Dogwood Cats

Jefferson Ross/Closed Minded People/Dogwood Cats

Charlie King/Don't Ask, Don't Tell/So Far So Good

Charlie King/Send in the Drones/So Far So Good

Charlie King/If Baboons Can Work It Out…/ So Far So Good

John Malcolm Penn/Mutual Attraction/L.A. Blues

John Malcolm Penn/Jenner/L.A. Blues

John Malcolm Penn/Lake Elsinore/L.A. Blues

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