Flagship Romance/Amsterdam/Fee Fie Foh Fum

Flagship Romance/A Strange Thing/Fee Fie Foh Fum

Flagship Romance/Lasts/Fee Fie Foh Fum

Pine Hill Project/Rain Just Falls/Tomorrow You're Going

Pine Hill Project/Missing You/Tomorrow You're Going

Pine Hill Project/Farewell to St. Dolores/Tomorrow You're Going

Phil Henry/Old Joe's Chair/Aberdeen

Phil Henry/Birdhouse In Your Soul/Aberdeen

Phil Henry/Hard Times Come Again No More/Aberdeen

J.W. McClure/In The Jailhouse Now, No. 2/Interpretations Of Jimmie Rodgers

J.W. McClure/Miss The Mississippi And You /Interpretations Of Jimmie Rodgers

J.W. McClure/Roll Along Kentucky Moon/Interpretations Of Jimmie Rodgers

John & Sheila Ludgate/ Robert Frost Said.../Two, Three, Four...

John & Sheila Ludgate /Family Man/Two, Three, Four...

John & Sheila Ludgate /I'm A Dog/Two, Three, Four...

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