The Bucking Mules/Jasper Jail/ Smoke Behind The Clouds

Ray Lambiase/Two Story House/The Ballad Of Three Finger Brown

Jim Gaudet And The Railroad Boys/In Some Other's Arms/Reasons That I Run

Chip Taylor/Charcoal Sky/Yonkers NY

Robin Greenstein/West Coast Swingin'/Tears And Laughter

Chuck Brodsky /Acre By Acre/A Fingerpainter's Murals

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/How You Are/You See This River

Mipso/Train Down The Line/Coming Down The Mountain

Ian Foster/Postcards Sleeper Years

Charlie Mosbrook/Roxanne/Hear Me Callin'

Beth Marlin/Califor-Ni-An/Railroad

Abigail Dowd/Isle On the Water/Don't Wake Me

Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers/I Can't Let Go (Even Though I Set You Free)/This Highway

Ray Davies/The Invaders/Americana

Ray Davies/Americana/Americana

Rowland Salley /Midnight/Killing The Blues

The Wakes/The Brave/The Red And The Green

Emily Barnes/Not Good Enough for Me/Let in the Light

Brother Sun/Mighty Long Way/Weights & Wings

The Frisbys/Gretna / single

Rebb Firman/Only A Love Song/Songs I Left Behind

The Frisbys/ Lines/The Cause

Alice Howe/ Tiger Lily/Tiger Lilly

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