Alastair Moock            /Dear Dr King/ Alastair Moock

Porter Nickerson/Living Proof/Bonfire To Ash

Emma's Revolution/Sing People Sing/Revolution Now

Zoe and Cloyd            You Light My Way/Eyes Brand New

Rachael Kilgour/Mama/Rabbit in the Road

Tom Russell/Rio Grande/Play One More: The Songs of Ian and Sylvia

The Malvinas/Maman Roseanne/God Bless The Grass

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/This Small World            You See /This River

The ROAMies/Still The One/We Got Love

Steven Blane/Any Kind Of Fool/The Shed Sessions

Loretta Hagen/Now That I'm Able/Lucky Stars

Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers/She's Leaving In The Morning/This Highway

Beth DeSombre / You'd Have Done/Resistance

Colter Wall/Fraulein/Colter Wall

Chris & Meredith Thompson/Fair And Tender Ladies/Lines Of Longitude

Rebb Firman/Songs I Left Behind/Songs I Left Behind

Mipso/Cry Like Somebody/Coming Down The Mountain

Mipso/Coming Down The Mountain/Coming Down The Mountain

Lucy Kaplansky/The Gift/Over The Hills

Cry Cry Cry/Lord, I Have Made You A Place In My Heart/Cry Cry Cry

Lisa Bastoni/Ink And Needles/The Wishing Hour

Shawn Taylor - Featuring: Wandering Roots/Why/Balance

Leslie Nuchow/ Angel, Dear Angel/Balm for Gilead


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