Julie Gold/Love is Love is Love/Love is Love is Love
Julie Gold/I Miss Being Young/Love is Love is Love
Julie Gold/Eddie/Sixty
Julie Gold/I Look Up To You/Love is Love is Love
Julie Gold/The Real World/Sixty
Julie Gold/Anxious And Depressed/Sixty
Julie Gold/Discontinued/Sixty
Julie Gold/Southbound Train/Sixty
Nanci Griffith/Southbound Train/Flyer
Julie Gold/America/Sixty
Julie Gold/Roscoe/Sixty
Christine Lavin, Julie Gold, Megon McDonough & Sally Fingerett/From a Distance /Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair
Nanci Griffith/From A Distance/ One Fair Summer Evening
Bette Midler/From a Distance/Some People's Lives

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