Caroline Doctorow/Hard, Hard Year/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/To Be Here/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/That's How I'll Remember You/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/Another Country/Songs of Richard &Mimi Farina Another Country

Caroline Doctorow/Sunday Morning/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/The Dangling Conversation/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/Abraham, Martin and John/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/Time Passes Slowly/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/I Think It's Going to Rain Today/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/Turquoise/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/ Across the Universe/Dreaming in Vinyl

Caroline Doctorow/ Raven Girl/Raven Girl

Caroline Doctorow/Northfield/I Carry All I Own

Caroline Doctorow/Music Strings/I Carry All I Own

Caroline Doctorow/Looks Like Christmas/Little Lovin' Darling


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