Bob Dylan/Positively 4Th Street/Single

Brandi Carlile/What Did I Ever Come Here For/Bear Creek

Kaia Kater/Paradise Fell/Nine Pin

Bonnie Raitt/I'm Blowin' Away/Home Plate

Greg Greenway/Letting Go/20,000 Versions Of The Sun

David Maloney /Old Heart Of Mine/My Father's Shoulders

Fraser & Girard/Outside St. Louis/Fraser & Girard

Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris & Jackson Browne/Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)/            Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Mary Beth Cross/Kathy's Song/Feels Like Home

Eric Lambert/When I Paint My Masterpiece/75: A Bow To Bob

Lara Herscovitch/Buddha On My Back/Misfit

Efrat/Keep On The Sunny Side/The Silver Lining

Roosevelt Dime/Red Shoes/Red Shoes

The Western Flyers/I'Ll See You In My Dreams/Wild Blue Yonder

Ivan Rosenberg/The Pearloid Gates/The Littlest Dobro

Jaime Michaels /A Little More/Once Upon A Different Time

Ivas John/All Along / Days a Comin'

Ben Bedford/The Pilot And The Flying Machine, Part 2/The Pilot And The Flying Machine

Patrick Sampson/Everosa/The Wanderer

Buskin & Batteau/Tonight We Are Everywhere/Red Shoes & Golden Hearts

Courtney Marie Andrews/Not the End/Honest Life

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