Dave Gunning/They Don't Do That No More/Lift

Dave Gunning /Sing It Louder/Lift

Dave Gunning /To Be With You/Lift

The Bills/Trail of Tales/Trail of Tales

The Bills/What Trouble Is/Trail of Tales

The Bills/Mando Coloured Glasses/Trail of Tales

Mary McPartlan/One I Love/From Mountain to Mountain

Mary McPartlan/The Cuckoo/From Mountain to Mountain

Mary McPartlan/Pretty Saro/From Mountain to Mountain

Mary McPartlan/Tribute to Jean/From Mountain to Mountain

Evie Ladin Band/Two = 3// Jump The Fire

Evie Ladin Band/Jump Up & Go / Jump The Fire

Evie Ladin Band Drinking About You/ Jump The Fire

Mountain Heart/No One To Listen/Blue Skies

Mountain Heart/Maggie's Farm/Blue Skies

Mountain Heart/Have You Heard About The Old Hometown/Blue Skies

Cosy Sheridan/Eurydice Goodnight/Sometimes I Feel Too Much

Cosy Sheridan/Napoleon - The Musical/Sometimes I Feel Too Much

Cosy Sheridan/ Woody Guthrie Watch Over Me/Sometimes I Feel Too Much

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