Natalie Merchant/Golden Boy/Motherland

Grant Peeples And The Peeples Republic /Breakfast In The Gulag/A Congress Of Treason

Dar Williams /Closer To Me/The Beauty Of The Rain

The Debutones/Bells Of St Mary/Please Come Home

Dulcie Taylor /Not Here, Not Today/Wind Over Stone

Rex Fowler/Girl From New York City/Gettysburg

Aztec Two-Step/Bridge Over Troubled Waters/Time It Was - The Simon And Garfunkel Songbook (Live)

Byrd and Street/Together Again/Words And Music

Sam Baker/Angels/Mercy

Jude Johnstone/Josephina/ Quiet Girl

Jim Kerns/Fallen Angel/single

Bobtown/Morning Sun/A History Of Ghosts

The Robert Bobby Duo/Too Much Time/Folk Art

Van Morrison/Into The Mystic (Take 11) /Moondance (Expanded Edition - Disc 2)

Chip Taylor/The Last Video/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World

Ellis/Let's Go To Yoga/Wherever You Are - Live Show - Set Two

Joe Crookston/The Nazarene/Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee

Moors And McCumber/Buried In Stone/Live From Blue Rock

Chuck Brodsky/Not a Single Shot/Tell Tale Heart

Mara Levine/Killing The Blues/Jewels and Harmony

Michelle Lewis/Run Run Run/The Parts Of Us That Still Remain

Buford Pope/Since You Walked Away/Poem And The Rose

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