Bob Dylan/New Morning/New Morning

Regina Spektor            /Man Of A Thousand Faces/Far

Bob Dylan/Three Angels/New Morning

Linda Draper/Right On Time /Edgewise

Kirsten Maxwell/Crimson/Crimson

Ellis/The Guest House/The Guest House

Brooksie Wells/ When Will I Be Loved/Single

Josh Gray/Stand Together/Josh Gray

Mick West/Old Arbo/A Poor Man's Labour

Dougie Maclean/Northern Cowboy/Snaigow

Chris Brown And Kate Fenner            /The Ballad of Penny Evans/My Old Man: A Tribute To Steve Goodman

Jenai Huff/Splintered Light/Grace And Elbow Grease

Carla Ulbrich/Please Do Something Stupid/Her Fabulous Debut

Moonshine Holler/Gonna Write Me A Letter/Old Time Melodies

Miss Brown To You/Do Remember Me/Roll Away

Amy Soucy/Around The Bend/This River

The Jackals/Just To Pass The Pleasant Time/People

Greg Blake/Where I Live/Songs Of Heart & Home

Happy Traum/Spanish Is The Loving Tongue            /Just For The Love Of It

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams/Attics of My Life/Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams

Wes Weddell/Everything I Ever Wanted to Do/Nobody's Flag

Sloan Wainwright/Barn's Burnt Down (Now I Can See The Moon)/Barn's Burnt Down (Now I Can See The Moon)

Old Man Luedecke/Year of the Dragon/Domestic Eccentric

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