Corinne West/Audrey Turn The Moon/Starlight Highway

Corinne West/Night Falls Away Singing/Starlight Highway

Corinne West/Trouble No More/Starlight Highway

Peter Mayer/Dr. Seuss/ Third Street

Peter Mayer/She Sleeps (for Luci)/Third Street

Peter Mayer/It's Not Far/Third Street

Craig Werth/My Only Daughters/Loose Gems

Craig Werth/Valentine Girl/The SpokesMan

Craig Werth/If Angels Had No Wings /The SpokesMan

Joe Crookston/Black Dress (I'm in Love With a Woman)/Georgia I'm Here

Joe Crookston/The Nazarene /Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee

Joe Crookston/Blue Tattoo/Able Baker Charlie & Dog

Kat Goldman/Baby You Gonna Fall In Love/Sing Your Song

Kat Goldman/Harvard Boys/Gypsy Girl

Kat Goldman/Annabel/The Great Disappearing Act

John Malcolm Penn/Red's Meadow/L.A. Blues           

John Malcolm Penn/Pony Express/L.A. Blues

John Malcolm Penn/Sonoma/L.A. Blues

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