Halloween Special 10/31/14


Slim Whitman/Ghost Riders in the Sky/Songs from Slim

Zak Smith/The House You Haunt/Signs Of Life

Mumford & Sons/Ghosts That We Knew/Babel (Deluxe Edition)

Jesse Winchester/Ghosts/A Reasonable Amount of Trouble

Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen/Ghost Of Tom Joad/Sowing The Seeds - The 10th Anniversary

Chuck Brodsky/The Ghost Of Mrs. Addison/A Fingerpainter's Murals

Regina Spektor/Ghost Of Corporate Future/Soviet Kitsch

Harpeth Rising/Ghost Factory/Tales From Jackson Bridge

Darryl Purpose/The Ghost Of Crazy Horse/ Live At Coalesce

Kathy Moser/Ghosts In The Kitchen/Some 1 Like U

Robt Sarazin Blake/Ghosts On Bedford, Ave./Robt Sarazin Bake

Spark & Whisper/Ghost Town/Ghost Towns

Roy Orbison/Running Scared/Black & White Night

Tom Pacheco/The Ghost of You/The Lost American Songwriter

Red Molly/Ghost/Light In The Sky

Adler & Hearne/The Night Mare/Second Nature

Indigo Girls/Ghost/Retrospective

John Bindel/Scary Things/Kid Pan Alley

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