Roly Salley, Pat Alger, Artie Traum/Killing the Blues/The Rounder Records Story: Disc One

Anthony da Costa/In The U.S.A./Quality Time

Zak Smith/Have You Looked Outside/Signs Of Life

Lowell Levinger /Get Together/Get Together - Banana Recalls Youngbloods Classics

Linda McRae/Some Of My Friends/Fifty Shades of Red

Peter Mayer/It's Not Far/Third Street

Kacey Musgraves/The Trailer Song/The Trailer Song - Single

Nick Bayard/Sparky's Trailer Park/Memento

Dan Schatz/One Last Look Behind/The Promise Of The Sowing

Kat Goldman/Gypsy Girl/Gypsy Girl

The Carper Family/City Folks Call Us Poor/Old-Fashioned Gal

Charlie King/Bring Back the Eight Hour Day/So Far So Good

Chip Taylor/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World

Steve Earle/Dirty Old Town/Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

Jerry Hannan/Society/Society


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