Tom Pacheco/Christmas On Times Square/Woodstock Winter

Phil Ochs/Ballad Of A Carpenter/Live in Lansing 1973

Krista Detor/Awake the Voice           

Hank Woji/The Last Time I Saw Jesus/Holy Ghost Town

Sandy Andina & Stephen Ray Rich/It Sucks Being Sick At Christmas            Merry Humbug!

Mindy Smith/Come To Jesus/One Moment More

Ray Lambiase/Christmas In Juarez/Twenty Lies (And Other Stories)

Nick Annis/Jesus, Inc. /Steal The CowMAR06

Chip Taylor/Merry F'n Christmas/The Little Prayers Trilogy (disc 1)

Nick Annis/Jesus Said/Apples & Oranges

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer/Cross of Jesus/Little Blue Egg

Tracy Newman And The Reinforcements/Mama, I Know You Ain't Santa/A Place in the Sun

Chip Taylor/Jesus Christ -Don't let the Cactus Fall/Jesus Christ don't let the Cactus Fall

Leo Kottke/Jesus Maria/Try And Stop Me

Mindy Smith/Tomorrow is Christmas Day/Snowed In

Bill Staines/A Christmas Lullaby/Beneath Some Lucky Star

Odetta/ Poor Little Jesus/Gonna /Let It Shine

Martin Swinger/Red Ribbon MP3/NeW SINGING OUT

Jude Johnstone /Touchdown Jesus/Shatter

Celtic Thunder/ Carol of the Bells/Holiday Symphony

Pat Lamanna/What Would Jesus Buy?/ Do I Know My Song Well Enough to Start Singing Yet?

Sammy Walker/ For My Dad/ Old Time Southern Dream


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