Kat Goldman/Take It Down The Line The Workingman's Blues

Dan Whitener You Don't Return My Tenderness Crossover

KC Groves Annabelle Happy Little Trees

Tom Russell The Lonesome Death of Ukelele Ike Mesabi

Kirsten Maxwell Mr. Angel Crimson

Simon Scardinelli Sweet Loretta Make Us Happy

Kat Goldman / Ghosts In The Apartment The Workingman's Blues

Annie Gallup /Lucy Remembers Her Father/Lucy Remembers Her Father

Slim Whitman/Song of the Old Water Wheel/Songs from Slim

The Frisbys/Gretna /single

Rod MacDonald/It's Goin' To Take Some Time/No Commercial Traffic

Uncle Earl/Bony On the Isle of St. Helena/Waterloo, Tennessee

Zomba Prison Project /Everything Has an Owner/I Will Not Stop Singing

The Frisbys/ Give in to the Dark/The Cause

Tom Chapin/Song For Elspeth/Threads

Beth DeSombre/The Way To Hope/Resistance

Montgomery Delaney/Ruled By The Moon/Almost Anyone

Ani DiFranco/Pacifist's Lament/Binary

Rachael Kilgour/Mama/Rabbit in the Road

Kat Goldman/Don't Know Where I'm Bound/The Workingman's Blues


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Pretenders/Back On the Chain Gang /The Best of Pretenders (Remastered)

Zomba Prison Project /I Am Done with Evil/ I Will Not Stop Singing

Brandi Carlisle /The Story/The Story

Chip Taylor/F**K All The Perfect People/F**K All The Perfect People

Joe Crookston/ Wilderness Alone/Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee

Roz Brown/Fairweather Friends/A Cowboy and His Sweetheart

Harry Chapin/Remember When The Music (Reprise)/The Gold Metal Collection

Chuck Brodsky /Circle/Radio

Keb' Mo'/Tomorrow Is a Long Time/Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Phillip Phillips/Home (American Idol Performance)/Home (American Idol Performance) - Single

Amber Cross/Pack Of Lies/Savage On The Downhill

William Duke/Explorer/The Gift #2

Uncle Earl/Wish I Had My Time Again/Waterloo, Tennessee

Joan Baez & Judy Collins/Diamonds & Rust/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Tom Chapin/Home Is The Welcoming Sound/Some Assembly Required

Emmylou Harris/Home Sweet Home/Hard Bargain

The Onlies/Home/Long Before Light

Robin Greenstein/Tears And Laughter/Tears And Laughter

Loretta Hagen /Break/Lucky Stars

Cheryl Wheeler /Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing /Sylvia Hotel

Nick Annis/Company of Friends/Apples & Oranges

Mark Knopfler /Restless Farewell/Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International [Disc 1]

Zomba Prison Project/I Will Not Return to Prison/I Will Not Stop Singing


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Beth DeSombre/Here            /Resistance

Charles Lyonhart/So Sad/Treasures

Andy & Judy/High Road/This Old Town

Shel Silverstein /I Got Stoned and I Missed It/The Best of Shel Silverstein His Words His Songs His Friends

Rachel Baiman  /Shame/Shame

Annie Gallup/Strange Boy/ Lucy Remembers Her Father

Dana Rice/Monday Is Coming /single

Ron Israel/Talking World War III Blues (Revisited)/Homeless In America

Sylvia Bullett/Here/Flying Machine

Too Sad For The Public/Then Go Home/Vol. 1 - Oysters Ice Cream Lemonade

Aztec Two Step/Naked /Naked

Rick Drost/Juli And Romy/Turning The World

The ROAMies/Oh, My My/We Got Love

Pierce Edens/It's Alright, It's All Wrong/Stripped Down Gussied Up

Alice Howe/ Tiger Lily/Tiger Lilly

Davey O/The Easy Work/A Bright Horizon Line

Musique À Bouches/Plantons La Vigne/Jusqu'aux Oreilles

Sarah McQuaid/I Am Grateful For What I Have/Walking Into White

Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers/For A Moment Or Two/This Highway

Skinner And T'witch/Snow White/The Fool's Journey

Sarah Jane Scouten/Bang Bang/When The Bloom Falls From The Rose

The Savage Hearts/High Road  /Playing It Forward

Joan Baez/Seven Curses/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

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Rachel Baiman/Thinkin' On You/Shame

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/And The Band Plays On/Welcoming The Flood

Anna & Elizabeth/Heap of Horses/Sun to Sun

Patrick Sampson/Hero/The Wanderer

Terry Easton/Claremont 2:05 P.M./Claremont 2:05 P.M.

Heather Kenney/02 Real World/Waltz

Too Sad For The Public/Black River Falls/Vol. 1 - Oysters Ice Cream Lemonade

Mary McPartlan/One I Love/From Mountain to Mountain

Joe Giacoio/I Love Hamburgers/I Love Hamburgers

The Resonant Rogues/Long Way To Galway/Hands In The Dirt

Ana Egge & The Sentimentals/ Falling, Falling, Falling/Say That Now

John McCutcheon/Howjadoo/The Rounder Records Story: Disc 2

Josh Gray/Ballad of Brady/Josh Gray

John Flynn/Don't Just Do Something (Stand There)/Mercy

Jessica Smucker & The Sleeping World/There And Back Again/The Broken Moment

Alastair Moock /Big Thoughts/ Alastair Moock

RUNA/ Farewell To Tarwathie/Live

Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes/My Stone Mountain Home/Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes

Steven Blane/These Priests/The Shed Sessions

Erika Kulnys/Hummingbird/Rise Up

Karen Beth/Marjorie/The Edge Of The Horizon

Laurie Lewis And The Right Hands/I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling/The Hazel And Alice Sessions

Dar Williams/Weight of the World/Emerald

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Mara Levine/Leaves That are Green/Jewels and Harmony

Bobtown/Morning Sun/A History of Ghosts

Annie Gallup/Caledonia/Ghost

David Francey/Lucky Man/Far End of Summer

Annie Gallup/Weapon Of Choice/Ghost

Terry Easton/The Kelley Sisters/Claremont 2:05 P.M.

Warren Zevon/Lawyers, Guns and Money/Excitable Boy (Remastered)

Dick Weissman/Departure/Night Sky

Ana Egge/Maps Of The Moon/Bright Shadow

Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge/Broadcast/Mount Royal

Christopher Mark Jones/What That Means/Incantations

Sarah Beatty/Just Like Me/Bandit Queen

Bill Plaskett, Joel Plaskett/Jim Jones/Solidarity

Julie Snow/Lie Down In The Rain/No Ordinary Love

Bill Scorzari/More Of Your Love/Through These Waves

Peter Mulvey/D.I.A./Are You Listening?

Scott Cook/If He Showed Up Now/Further Down The Line

Arthur Davenport/ FamilyReunion /single

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio /Singin'/ Singin'

Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes/Stockyard Hill/Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes

Sarah Beatty/Bandit Queen (Acoustic)/ Bandit Queen

The Farm Hands/Crying For Crumbs/Colors


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Jackson Browne/The Barricades Of Heaven/Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1

Tom Chapin/Here Is A Song For You/Threads

Hardened And Tempered/Hard Winds/The Trailer Sessions

Mary McPartlan/Pretty Saro/From Mountain to Mountain

Sarah Jane Scouten/Where The Ghost River Flows/When The Bloom Falls From The Rose

Kim Robins/Eye For An Eye/Raining In Baltimore

The Farm Hands/Rural Route /Colors

Moors And McCumber/Long Way Down)/Live From Blue Rock

Mark O'Connor/Faded / ’O'Connor Band Live!

Tom Chapin/Money Out Of Misery/Threads

Rebb Firman/I'm Going Home/Songs I Left Behind

Rik Palieri and George Mann/Pete, On Woody and Union Maid (Featuring Pete Seeger)/ The Almanac Trail

Rik Palieri and George Mann/Union Maid/The Almanac Trail

Tim Grimm/Squaw/Wilderness Plots

Krista Detor/Aurora Means Dawn/Wilderness Plots

Tim Grimm/These Rollin' Hills/A Stranger In This Time

Tim Grimm/Over The Waves/A Stranger In This Time

Ray Cardwell/My Heart Stays With You/Tennessee Moon

Mipso/Train Down The Line/Coming Down The Mountain

Lesley Kernochan/Song for Elijah/A Calm Sun

Joe Jencks/Alice Anne/ Poets, Philosophers Workers & Wanderers

Kim Robins/She's Just Like You/Raining In Baltimore

Annie Gallup/Danny Barnes/Ghost


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Dar Williams/I Am The One Who Will Remember Everything/In The Time Of Gods

The Stanley Brothers/Angel Band/O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Nanci Griffith            Across The Great Divide/Other Voices, Other Rooms

Tracy Grammer/Shadows Of Evangeline/Flower Of Avalon

Fraser & Girard/Match Stick Man/Fraser & Girard

Jesse Taylor/People In Love/Jesse Taylor

Adrianne Gonzalez/My Father's Pride            /Me After You

Terence Martin            /Hank Williams/lost hills

Annie Gallup/Battle Of Brooklyn/Ghost

Patrick Sampson/Nova's Witness/The Wanderer

Mark O'Connor/Faded Love /O'Connor Band Live!

Sarah Jane Scouten/Acre Of Shells/When The Bloom Falls From The Rose

Rosi Lalor/Camino/Flowers for the Living

John Malcolm Penn/Trenton's Song/L.A. Blues

Tom Chapin/Prayer For Bristol Bay/70

Bee Gees/First of May /Odessa (Deluxe Version)

Zak Smith/Have You Looked Outside/Signs Of Life

Byrd and Street/Money's Good/This Much Is True

Gathering Time/ Keepsake/Keepsake

Jackson Browne/Colors Of The Sun/For Everyman

Chip Taylor/Refugee Children/Little Brothers

Tom Chapin/When The Family Sings/Threads

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Courtney Marie Andrews/Honest Life            /Honest Life

Bumper Jacksons/Old Birds/I've Never Met A Stranger

Dave Rudolf/My Dreams/This Thorny Thing Called Life

Catherine MacLellan/Pages Of Time/If It's Alright With You: The Songs of Gene MacLellan

Dan Raza/Silent's The Night Wind/Two

Tom Chapin/Build A Dream/Threads

Paul Chasman/The Prince And The Con Man /Old School

Elaine Romanelli/The Difference/The Hour Before

Joe Jencks/Going Home/Poets, Philosophers Workers & Wanderers

Beth DeSombre/Bowling Green Massacre/Resistance

Loretta Hagen/You Were Brave/Lucky Stars

Fred Gillen Jr/Future Americans/What She Said

Emma's Revolution/Need A Progressive Woman (Revolutionary Mind)/Revolution Now

Kirsten Maxwell/Driftwood/Crimson

Rowland Salley /Closer/Killing The Blues

Mandolin Orange/There Was A Time/ This Side Of Jordan

Fraser & Girard/Dance Hall Girls/Fraser & Girard

Julie Parisi Kirby/Nonna/In Her Dream

Jude Johnstone/ Never Leave Amsterdam/A Woman's Work

The Savage Hearts Age/Playing It Forward

David Francey/Banks of the Seaway/Far End of Summer

Banjo Nickaru & Western Schooches/You Are My Sunshine/Very Next Thing Ep

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Dougie MacLean/Bonnie Bessie Logan /The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Lucy Kaplansky/The Tide /The Tide

Gordie Tentrees /Band Tired of Time /Less Is More

Mary Gauthier/I Drink /Live At Blue Rock

David Massengill/My Name Joe//Coming Up For Air

Abbie Gardner/ I'm A Fool /Honey On My Grave

Kirsten Maxwell/I Can't Help It/ Crimson

Joe Crookston/Blue Tattoo/ Able Baker Charlie & Dog

Bettman & Halpin/Shades Of Blue/  Diamond

Brother Sun/Mary Don't You Weep And Moan/ Weights & Wings

Loretta Hagen/Welcome Spring/ Lucky Stars

He-Bird, She-Bird/You Spell Trouble /He Bird She Bird

Tom Russell/When The Wolves No Longer Sing /Play One More: The Songs of Ian and Sylvia

Alastair Moock /Dear Dr King /Alastair Moock

Eric Andersen/Blue River/ The Cologne Concert

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Buy That Thng//You See This River

Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers/He Can Have Tomorrow (I'll Take Yesterday)/            This Highway

Jayne Olderman, Mary Rene Quarles, Dana Rice/Monday Is Coming /single

Montgomery Delaney/Two Gun Arizona/ Almost Anyone

Amy Speace/John Fullbright/The Sea And The Shore/ How To Sleep In A Stormy Boat

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The Bucking Mules/Jasper Jail/ Smoke Behind The Clouds

Ray Lambiase/Two Story House/The Ballad Of Three Finger Brown

Jim Gaudet And The Railroad Boys/In Some Other's Arms/Reasons That I Run

Chip Taylor/Charcoal Sky/Yonkers NY

Robin Greenstein/West Coast Swingin'/Tears And Laughter

Chuck Brodsky /Acre By Acre/A Fingerpainter's Murals

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/How You Are/You See This River

Mipso/Train Down The Line/Coming Down The Mountain

Ian Foster/Postcards Sleeper Years

Charlie Mosbrook/Roxanne/Hear Me Callin'

Beth Marlin/Califor-Ni-An/Railroad

Abigail Dowd/Isle On the Water/Don't Wake Me

Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers/I Can't Let Go (Even Though I Set You Free)/This Highway

Ray Davies/The Invaders/Americana

Ray Davies/Americana/Americana

Rowland Salley /Midnight/Killing The Blues

The Wakes/The Brave/The Red And The Green

Emily Barnes/Not Good Enough for Me/Let in the Light

Brother Sun/Mighty Long Way/Weights & Wings

The Frisbys/Gretna / single

Rebb Firman/Only A Love Song/Songs I Left Behind

The Frisbys/ Lines/The Cause

Alice Howe/ Tiger Lily/Tiger Lilly

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