Steel Guitar legend and hall of fame member Jody Carver discusses a career filled with incredible stories about Leo Fender and Fender Guitars, Arthur Godfrey and the Talent Scouts, Noel Boggs, Spade Cooley, Theresa Brewer, Vaughn Monroe and Bob Dylan in the midst of recording Visions of Johanna and taking a legendary photograph (see web site)

All songs played can be viewed at along with photos of some of the things we spoke about.

Music played:

Jody Carver & Johnny Cucci/Sicilian Tarantela/Hot Club Of America In Hi-Fi

Noel Boggs And Friends/Swanee River/Another Take On Some Classics - [The Dave Cash Collection]

Spade Cooley/Steel Guitar Rag/Spade Cooley Big Band, Vol. 2

Noel Boggs Quintet/Beautiful Ohio/Magic Steel Guitar (Remastered)

Jody Carver/Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts/Jody on Godfrey

Jody Carver/Caravan/Jody on Talent Scouts

Jody Carver/Talent Scout Results/Jody on Talent Scouts

Jody Carver/godfrey show/Jody on Godfrey

Jody Carver/CBS TV show/Jody on Godfrey CBS Show

Theresa Brewer/The Hawaiian Wedding Song (1961)/Unknown Album

Vaughn Monroe/Steel Guitar/ [Single]

Santo & Johnny/Sleep Walk/40 Instrumental Hits - The Big Hits of the 50's Era

Rosalie Allen and Chet Atkins/Cranberry Kisses /Single

Jody Carver & Johnny Cucci/Hora Staccato/Hot Club Of America In Hi-Fi

Bob Dylan/Visions of Johanna/Blonde on Blonde

Jody Carver & Johnny Cucci/Minute Waltz/Hot Club Of America In Hi-Fi


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Terence Martin/ Bethlehem/Sleeper

Kat Goldman/Damn Town/Sing Your Song

Joey+Rory/Josephine/His and Hers

Caroline Doctorow/Raven Girl/Raven Girl

Phil Ochs/The Men Behind the Guns /I Ain't Marching Anymore

Gillian Welch/One More Dollar/Revival

John Prine/Sam Stone/ John Prine

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/I'll Never Be Free/Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Jackson Browne/The Times You've Come/For Everyman

Judy Collins/Bob Dylan's Dream/Judy Sings Dylan...Just Like a Woman

Tom Rush/No Regrets/The Circle Game

Old Man Luedecke/Chester Boat Song/Domestic Eccentric

Antje Duvekot/ Four Stitches/New Siberia

Bob Dylan/ Oh Sister/Desire

Dire Straits/Romeo and Juliet/ Sultans of Swing Ltd Ed CD1

Zak Smith/Have You Looked Outside/Signs Of Life

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Rachael Sage/Blue Roses/  Blue Roses  

Rachael Sage/Misery's Grace /Rachael Sage/ Blue Roses  

Rachael Sage/Not Leaving You / Blue Roses  

Moors And McCumber /You Take Me Somewhere Pandemonium

Moors And McCumber My Heart Is Open Pandemonium

Moors And McCumber Pandemonium Pandemonium

Kelly Bosworth/Tell Me/Kelly Bosworth

Kelly Bosworth/When You Went Away/Kelly Bosworth

Kelly Bosworth/Waters/Kelly Bosworth

Fred Gillen Jr/Ghost of Joe Hill/ Wage Love

Fred Gillen Jr/Walking Down That Freedom Highway /Wage Love

Fred Gillen Jr/Occupy Your Own Mind/Wage Love

Scott & Michelle Dalziel/Mormon Cowboy/Dragonflies

Scott & Michelle Dalziel/Weeds/ Dragonflies

Scott & Michelle Dalziel/Words/Dragonflies

Tom Pacheco /MacDougal Summer/Boomtown

Tom Pacheco/Boomtown /Boomtown

Tom Pacheco/What Would Woddy Think/Boomtown

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