Phil Ochs/There But For Fortune/Greatest Folksingers of the 'Sixties

Meghan Carey/ River Rock/Sing Louder

Bruce Davies/There But For Fortune/Blowin' In The Wind : The Other Great American Songbook Vol 1

Jayme Stone/That's All Right/Jayme Stone's Folklife

Gathering Time/There But For Fortune/When One Door Closes...

Kat Goldman/ Put Your Toolbox Down/The Workingman's Blues

Rex Fowler/There But For Fortune/What's That I Hear - The Songs Of Phil Ochs [Disc 2]

Jeffrey Martin/Golden Thread/ One Go Around

Tom Paxton/There but for fortune/Song Night Dec 5 1985

Rachael Kilgour/Rabbit in the Road/Rabbit in the Road

The New Christy Minstrels/There But for Fortune/Single

Kirsten Maxwell/We Always Miss/Crimson

Joshua James/ Dark Cloud/My Spirit Sister

Pat Wictor/There But For Fortune/This Is Absolutely Real

John Batdorf/Like the First Time/Willoughby

Magpie/ There But For Fortune/Give Light

Uncle Earl/Orphan Train/She Went Upstairs

Sammy Walker /There But For Fortune/Old Time Southern Dream

KC Groves /Lover's Return/Happy Little Trees

Joan Baez/There But For Fortune/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Sean McConnell/Babylon /Undone

Joe K. Walsh/There But For Fortune/Borderland

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