Barry Oreck/Baby Boomer/Barry Oreck

Rachael Sage/Hanukkah In The Village/Joy!

Jeremy Aaron/Filthy Old Farm/In The Magic Light

Alicyn Packard/ Bigger Heart/Heartbeat Of The Universe

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams/The Other Side of Pain/Contraband Love

Roy Zimmerman/End of the Ship/Real American

Jaeger & Reid/Close My Eyes/From Way Up Here

Rupert Wates/The Day The Great Ship Went Down/The Lights Of Paris

Andy & Judy / Christmas/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 12

Terry Kitchen / Over The Christmas Moon/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 12

Kate MacLeod            /The Oregon Trail/Deep in the Sound of Terra

Siobhán O'Brien/My Man/Siobhan Obrien

Skinner and T'witch/I Don't Want an I Pad/single

David Hawkins/It Only Hurts When I Cry/Everything That Brought You Here

Pat Lamanna/All One Peace/Something Beautiful

Chris LaVancher /Why I Love These Holidays/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 12

Kris Delmhorst/Temporary Existence/The Wild

Noel Paul Stookey / Somethin' Special/Hudson Harding Happy Holidays, Volume 12

Anne Hills/Early Snow/The Things I Notice Now

Mark Brine/You're An Old Timey Tune/Old Timey Tunes, Volume 2

Mark Brine/Baby, You Make It Feel Alright/Old Timey Tunes, Volume 2

Bruce Davies/Ramblin' Boy/Blowin' In The Wind : The Other Great American Songbook Vol 1

Barry Oreck/We'll Never Change/Barry Oreck


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