Quarter Horse/Push Me Away/Quarter Horse

Mike McKenna Jr./The Shepherd/Pacific Northwest Bound

Mike McKenna Jr./The Wake/Pacific Northwest Bound

Kathleen Healy /N'affirmation Song/Spark

The Toby Tobias Ensemble/Don't Say/Africa You Belong to Me

Bett Padgett/Birds Of Winter/At The End Of The Day

Kim Moberg/Goodbye To Yesterday/Above Ground

Tracy Grammer/good life/low tide

Beth Bradley Rob Carlson/Hearts Of Palm/Beth Bradley Rob Carlson

Ali Handal/Thank God For Birth Control/That's What She Said

Dan Merritt/Dire Dire Docks/Get Yourself Together

Marion Halliday/Lost Things/Walking In Tall Grass

Antonio Andrade/Something Happened/Something Happened

Barry Oreck/Chicken Little/Barry Oreck

Marion Halliday/Resting On Laurel Hill/Walking In Tall Grass

Chris Hardy/ Endless Possibilities / 33rd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Compilation CD

Tracy Grammer/The Verdant mile/low tide

David Stoddard.Psalm 159/You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

Kicking Down Doors/Jenny Jenkins/Kicking Back

Carla Ulbrich/Dr Pepper/Totally Average Woman

Jessica Graae/The Sailor And The Angel/Blue Heart

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