Hank Woji/She Won't Be Back Again/There Was A Time

Harry Chapin/Sniper/The Gold Medal Collection [Disc 2]

Susan Cattaneo /Work Hard Love Harder (Featuring The Bottle Rockets)/The Hammer & The Heart (The Hammer)

Bruce T. Carroll/These Things Are Mine/Ruckus And Romance

Tom Russell/She Talks To God/Rose Of Roscrae

Steven Gellman/Peter Yarrow Story (Live)/Songs of Winter's Cheer

Steven Gellman/Tinseltown (Live)/Songs of Winter's Cheer

Dulcie Taylor/Can't Even Pray/Dulcie Taylor 14 Only Worn One Time(Mesa/Bluemoon)

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats/Hot In Here/Groovin' In Greaseland

Jess Klein/Dear God/Learning Faith

Art Podell/Blame It On The Russians/Single

Jennifer Cutting's Ocean Orchestra Feat. Lisa Moscatiello/Leaves Of Autumn/Waves

Byrd and Street/'Til The Night Goes Away/This Much Is True

Erin Thomas/New Beginnings (Russian River Rainbow)/You Don't Know Me

Mary Gauthier/ Mama Here, Mama Gone/The Foundling

FERRON/Snowin' In Brooklyn/Impressionistic DOUBLE CD

Antje Duvekot /Jerusalem/Big Dream Boulevard

Natalie Alexander/Cruel/Natalie Alexander [EP]

Ruth And Max Bloomquist/St Jude/On A Canvas Painted Blue

Dubl Handi/Little Orchid/Up Like the Clouds

Sofia Talvik/If I Had a Man/The Owls Are Not What They Seem

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