Dori Freeman/Yonder Comes A Sucker/Letters Never Read

Beppe Gambetta/Il Pescatore            /Short Stories

Benjamin Dakota Rogers/Whisky and Pine/Whisky and Pine

Chip Taylor/I Read It In Rolling Stone/Last Chance - WBY

Open Book/Learning to Fall/Grateful

Aztec Two-Step/The Bookends Concept (Narration)            Time It Was / The Simon And Garfunkel Songbook (Live)

Aztec Two-Step/Old Friends/Time It Was - The Simon And Garfunkel Songbook (Live)

Greg Trooper/Sometimes It Takes A Hurricane/Straight Down Rain

Eva Cassidy/Kathy's Song/Time After Time

Mark Knopfler//Darling Pretty            /Golden Heart

Sarah McQuaid/The Tug Of The Moon/If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

Franks & Deans/Hello Mary Lou/The Best You're Gonna Feel All Day

Sweet Potatoes   /Our Front Porch/Headin' Home

Bruce T. Carroll/Angel Angel            Ruckus And Romance

Dana Cooper/My America/Incendiary Kid

Emily Barnes/Linger Longer/Let in the Light

The Stapletons/Blue Mountain Girl/Ballads And Battles

Jeffrey Martin/October Dark/One Go Around

Debra Cowan/A Cold Day In November/Among Friends

Ellis/Moab In November/The Guest House

Michael Johnathon/Bells of Cold November/Homestead

Bob Dylan/Not Dark Yet/Time Out Of Mind

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