Dave Van Ronk/Cocaine Blues/Live In Monterey

George Thorogood/Soft Spot/ Party of One

Aztec Two Step/ In The Rain            /Naked

Matthew Byrne/ Adelaide/Horizon Lines

Andy Scheinman Settle Down            /The Original

Ian Foster/ Hannah/The Great Wave

I'm With Her (Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins, Aoife O'Donovan/Little Lies/Single

Tau Moe Family With Bob Brozman/Mai Kai No Kauai/Ho'omana'o I Na Mele O Ka Wa U'i

Anne Sumner & Stephen Nurse/Doesn't Take Much/Doesn't Take Much EP

John Reischman & The Jaybirds/Don't You Hear The Lambs A – Crying/On That Other Green Shore

The Jeremiahs/Femme Fatale Of Maine/The Femme Fatale Of Maine

The Jeremiahs/This Boy/The Femme Fatale Of Maine

Joshua Jacobson/ Codependent Katie/Good Little Thing

Abby Lappen/Evolution/Edge of Time

Ashley Riley/ Lonely /Cant Let You Go

Marianne Girard/Devil's Highway/Pirate Days

Gozer Goodspeed/Every Night, Saturn's Rings/The Barrel Headlong into the Night EP

Rebb Firman/Only A Love Song/Songs I Left Behind

Shawna Caspi/ Never Enough/ Forest Fire

Stuart Kabak/She Was Naked/No Matter Where You're Going

Marilyn Duncan/Away Too Long/Little Blue Car

Paul Kelly/Life Is Fine/Life Is Fine

Aztec Two Step/ Family/Naked

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