Chip Taylor/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World

Leslie Nuchow/Water/Balm for Gilead

Carolann Solebello/Bury Me Beneath the Willow /Threshold

Darryl Purpose/Victory In The Struggle/Right Side Of Zero

Sally Barris/The Idea/Singer-Songwriter Heaven - The Songs Of Kevin Faherty

Hardened And Tempered/My Wildest Ride/The Trailer Sessions

Jayme Stone/Boatsman/Jayme Stone's Folklife

Joe Giacoio/I Love Hamburgers/I Love Hamburgers

The Milk Carton Kids/New York/Prologue

Hardened And Tempered/Crossing The Rio Grande/The Trailer Sessions

Mipso/Monterey County/Coming Down The Mountain

Marci Geller/Nearly/Square Peg

Sammy Walker/Ballad of the Late Edgar/Blue Ridge Mountain Skyline

Hazel Dickens /Busted/A Few Old Memories

Colter Wall/You Look To Yours/Colter Wall

Ian Foster/ The Projectionist/The Great Wave

Tom Chapin/Join The Jubilee/ Join the Jubilee

Ian Tyson/Back To Baja/Raven Singer

Davey O/Making Good Time/A Bright Horizon Line

Chuck Brodsky/The Ballad of Eddie Klepp/The Baseball Ballads

Ryanhood/The One Who Was On My Mind/Yearbook

Natalie Merchant/The End/Natalie Merchant


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