Ordinary Elephant/Lady In The Elevator/Before I Go

The Bucking Mules/Girl On The Greenbriar Shore/Smoke Behind The Clouds

The Bucking Mules/Smoke Behind The Clouds/Smoke Behind The Clouds

Abigail Dowd/Mockingbird/Don't Wake Me

André Brunet/La Fille Morte/La Grosse Maison Rouge

Nicole Silva/No Need/No Need

Ray Davies/Americana/Americana

Ray Davies/The Invaders/Americana

Colter Wall/Thirteen Silver Dollars/Colter Wall

Charlie Mosbrook/Roxanne/Hear Me Callin'

Colter Wall/Codeine Dream/Colter Wall

Charlie Mosbrook/Black Muddy River/Hear Me Callin'

Zephaniah OHora with the 18 Wheelers/Way Down In My Soul/This Highway

Alice Howe/Make A Fool Out Of Me/You've Been Away So Long

Neptune's Car /Follow This Highway/ Strawberry Moon


Jim Palana/Emmylou's Waltz/Lefty

Efrat/Chance/ The Silver Lining

David Massengill/The Hobgoblins Miscue/Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 1 CD2

Joe K. Walsh/Pine Tree Waltz /Borderland

Jon Brooks/Mercy/Delicate Cages

George Mann & Friends/Poor Richard's Blues (George Mann)/Until You Come Home: Songs To Heal The Wounds Of War

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