Brandi Carlisle/What Can I Say/Mellow

Abigail Dowd/Isle On the Water/Don't Wake Me

Bob Dylan/Red River Shore/The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs [Disc 1]

Bob Dylan/Huck's Tune/The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs [Disc 1]

Lisa Bastoni/Wichita/The Wishing Hour

Kyle Alden/George's Street/Down In The West Volume 2

Zoe and Cloyd/ Fast Air/Eyes Brand New

Russ Rentler/Hassen's Creek/Escaped The Tide

House Of Hamill/Flashback/Wide Awake

Donna Lynn Caskey/Beauty Queen/The Love Still Shows

Ray Lambiase/He Doesn't Look A Day Over You/The Ballad Of Three Finger Brown

Eileen Kozloff /Will You Still Be Mine/Just Words

Rowland Salley /Destination/Killing The Blues

Ray Cardwell/Open Your Eyes/Tennessee Moon

André Brunet/Promenade À Monaco La Grosse/ Maison Rouge

OgalO /Moulin Tac/Décousu

Musique À Bouches/Plantons La Vigne/Jusqu'aux Oreilles

Davey O/Nothing Could Go Wrong/A Bright Horizon Line

Ian Foster/You Left A Song (for Ron Hynes) /Sleeper Years

Merlin Snider/Sea Of Forgetfulness/One Light Many Windows

Rachael Kilgour/Mama/Rabbit in the Road

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