The Wakes/Colours/The Red And The Green

Scott Cook/Your Sweet Time/Further Down The Line

David Maloney /Meeting At The Edge /My Father's Shoulders

George Winston/Unrequited Love/Spring Carousel

Red Tail Ring/Yarrow/Fall Away Blues

Lisa Bastoni/Rabbit Hole/The Wishing Hour

Billy Crockett/Drought/Rabbit Hole/Billy Crockett

John Condron/Christopher James Sheridan/Dink's Song/51 King Street

David Roth/One Day At The Gates/Think Twice

Robin Greenstein/Tears In Heaven/Tears And Laughter

Sammy Walker /I Ain't Got Time to Kill/Brown Eyed Georgia Darlin'

Andrew Calhoun/The Rookhope Ryde/Rhymer's Tower: Ballads of the Anglo-Scottish Border

Michael Ann/I Would / Heavy Load

Sera Cahoone/Always Turn Around/From Where I Started

Sera Cahoone/Tables Turned/From Where I Started

Bill Scorzari/Shelter From The Wind/Through These Waves

Tim Grimm/Over Hill And Dale/A Stranger In This Time

Bill Scorzari/I Can Carry This/ Through These Waves

Mouths of Babes/Any Other Day/Brighter In The Dark

Kipyn Martin/Madeleine/Dance Across The Sky

House Of Hamill/Heart Shaped Box/Wide Awake

Lydia Sylvia/Cherry River Line/Chasing The Ghost

Rayna Gellert/Strike the Bells/Workin's Too Hard



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