Nanci Griffith Feat. Mac McAnally/Gulf Coast Highway/From A Distance: The Very Best Of Nanci Griffith

Christopher Mark Jones/I Saw The Sea/Incantations

Susan Shann/Final Word/single

Smithfield Fair/ Love Is A Mystery/Smithfield Fair: Evermore

Judy Klass /Trump University/ Protest Songs In An Age Of Trump (Unplugged)

Bronwynne Brent/Devil Again/Stardust

Bill Plaskett, Joel Plaskett/Jim Jones/Solidarity

Bob Dylan/Jim Jones/Good As I Been To You

The Lords Of Liechtenstein/Witches/Downhill Ride To Joyland

TC Smith/Amazing Grace/TASCAM DR-05

Christopher Mark Jones/What That Means/Incantations

Jayme Stone/ Candy Gal/Jayme Stone's Folklife

Jayme Stone/Hallelujah/Jayme Stone's Folklife

Pat Alger, John Sebastian, Artie Traum, Eric Andersen, Happy Traum and Roly Salley /Mason Dixon's On The Line/Woodstock Mountains: Music from Mud Acres

Rory Block and Lee Berg/Long Journey/Woodstock Mountains: Music from Mud Acres

Micah And Mark Atkinson/Wall Of Water/Land Of Broken Angels

Dave Morrison /In The Narrows/Nothing Left To Lose

John Craigie/Virgin Guitar/No Rain, No Rose

Naming The Twins/One More Winning Hand/Turn Styles

Bill Plaskett, Joel Plaskett/The New California/Solidarity

Zoe Mulford/Won't You Come On In/Small Brown Birds

Old Crow Medicine Show/I Hear Them All/Best Of  


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