Steve Earle/City Of Immigrants/Washington Square Serenade

The Tiger Lillies/Send In The Clowns/ Circus Songs

David Massengill/The Great American Dream/The Return

Bob Dylan/I Pity The Poor Immigrant/The Isle Of Wight 1969

Zoe Mulford/The President Sang Amazing Grace/Small Brown Birds

Richard Shindell/Deportee (Plane Wreck At los Gatos)/South of Delia

The John Byrne Band/The Immigrant And The Orphan/The Immigrant And The Orphan

Ron Sowell/Gig from Hell/Little Movies

Emily Barnes/Into the Dawn/Let in the Light

Emily Barnes/Uncertainty/Let in the Light

Lydia Sylvia/Lonesome Road Blues/Chasing The Ghost

Annie Moscow /He Paints Cats/Passing Trains

Elaine Mahon /Lean Into Love/Reach For The Stars

Judy Kass/Illusions/Better Things

The Savage Hearts/Age/Playing It Forward

Joan Baez/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/ Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Carrie Newcomer/Biscuits And Butter/The Geography Of Light

Magpie /This Old Bay/Living Planet

Voices On The Verge/ Louise/Live In Philadelphia

Lucy Kaplansky/Land Of The Living/The Red Thread

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