Rowland Salley /Pocket/Killing The Blues

Naming The Twins/Age Unknown/Turn Styles

Banjo Nickaru & Western Schooches/ This Little Light Of Mine/Very Next Thing Ep

Graham And Barbara Dean/Freedom Fries/Tom Paine's Blues: Common Sense Blues

Eileen Kozloff Always /Wrong From The Start/Just Words

Mark Knopfler /So Far From The Clyde/Get Lucky

Robinella/Left, Right, Back Together/ Fly Away Bird

Jude Johnstone/ Josephina/Quiet Girl

Julie Miller/Broken Things/Broken Things

Cheryl Wheeler/ Gandhi/ Buddha (Live)/Greetings: Cheryl Wheeler Live (feat. Kenny White)

Ben Bedford/Letters From The Earth /The Pilot And The Flying Machine

Susan Kane/Jacksonville/Mostly Fine

Spook Handy/Why I Love You/Keep The Flame Alive

Ray Duncan/Just Add Water/This Road

The Robert Bobby Duo/I Wish It Would Rain/Folk Art

Kaia Kater/Moonshiner/Sorrow Bound

Twangtown Paramours/Walks Like A Duck/The Promise Of Friday Night

Craig Werth/If Angels Had No Wings/The SpokesMan

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer/Cross of Jesus/Little Blue Egg

Peter Cooper/Couple of Lies/Mission Door

Aztec Two-Step/War/Cause & Effect

Mary Black/Song For Ireland/Women Of The World: Celtic

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