Truckstop Honeymoon/Got No Use/Big Things And Little Things

Rebecca Loebe            /Lie/Blink

John Craigie/Virgin Guitar/No Rain, No Rose

Bob Dylan/Mr. Tambourine Man /The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert (Live)

Leslie Nuchow            /Thank You/Balm for Gilead

Ric Allendorf/Changing Tide/single           

Robin Greenstein/Buddha Watches Silently/Tears And Laughter

Laura Oden/Little Sister/Peel Back Another Layer

Ordinary Elephant/Another Day/Before I Go

Kate & Anna McGarrigle/Talk To Me Of Mendocino            /Kate & Anna McGarrigle

Martin Carthy/Scarborough Fair/The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

Joe K. Walsh/There But For Fortune/Borderland

Tim Hardin/Reason To Believe/Time Life - The Folk Years - Reason To Believe [Disc 2]

Gilles Malkine/ Jack Of Hearts/TimeDog

Hazel Dickens /Mama's Hand/ By the Sweat of My Brow

John Gorka/Love is Our Cross to Bear/Before Beginning

Nanci Griffith/Once In A Very Blue Moon/From A Distance

Paddy Mills/Portland Girl/The Good Life

Emily Barnes/Leaving Me/Beautiful Goodbyes

Leonard Cohen/Sisters Of Mercy/The Essential Leonard Cohen [Disc 1]

Bob Weir/Darkest Hour/Blue Mountain

Arlo Guthrie/Darkest Hour/The Best Of Arlo Guthrie

Fiddler Tim Smith/The Star Spangled Banner           


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