First Aid Kit/Universal Soldier/Universal Soldier - Single

Jenai Huff/Unfinished Life/Transitions

Jack Hardy/Now And Then/Rye Grass

KC Groves / Something that Happens/Something Familiar

KC Groves / St. Vrain Waltz/Something Familiar

Barbara Jo Kammer/Choices/One Song At A Time

Chris Ronald/Grandpa's Wedding Ring/Fragments

Abby Lappen/Willow/Double Mentions

Ashley Riley/Lovers /Can’t Let You Go

Mumford & Sons/Sigh No More/Sigh No More

Anne Sumner & Stephen Nurse/Water Is Wide/Doesn't Take Much EP

Aztec Two Step/Lover's Lullaby/Naked

Banjo Nickaru & Western Schooches/I'm Gettin' Married/Very Next Thing Ep

Bob Dylan/When I Paint My Masterpiece [Demo]/Another Self Portrait (1969-1971): The Bootleg Series, Vol. 10 [Disc 2]

George Carlin/Baseball-Football/An Evening With Wally Lando

Ellis/Right On Time/Wherever You Are - Live Show - Set One

Ellis/Coffee Song/Wherever You Are - Live Show - Set One

Karyn Oliver/Water /Magdalene

Leslie Nuchow/Water/Balm for Gilead

Julie Gold/America/Sixty

Silver Torches/Like A Child/Let It Be A Dream

Anna Tivel/Ordinary Dance/Small Believer


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Alastair Moock/ Make It Great /Alastair Moock

Sultans of String feat. Gündem Yayli Grubu/Turkish Greensleeves/Christmas Caravan

Ruston Kelly/Wildflower/Halloween

Bill Scorzari/Time, It Goes By            /Just the Same

Robin Greenstein/I Heard The Road Call Me/ Tears And Laughter

Patrick Sampson/Everosa/The Wanderer

Bob Warren/A Boy, A Glove, A Ball, And Bat/All The Days Of The World

Dana Rice/Monday Is Coming-Dana Rice/single

Bob Wright & Bill Doerge/Jimmy Take the Liquor Out (Featuring Bob Harris & Gary Oleyar)/ Hamburger Sandwich

Beth Marlin/ Juliana Valentine/ Railroad

Marilyn Duncan/Away Too Long/Little Blue Car

Jessica Graae/Sound Of The Dove/Sea Dream

Byrd and Street/Waves/This Much Is True

Sam Baker/Waves/Mercy

Rosi Lalor/Camino/Flowers for the Living

Arthur Davenport/Who are We/Whispering to the Wind

Bobtown/A History Of Ghosts/A History of Ghosts

Kat Goldman/Harvard Boys/Gypsy Girl

Lisa Bastoni/Remember Me/The Wishing Hour

Lori Lieberman/Alive In The World/Ready For The Storm

Ellen Buckstel/Whose the Pusher Now/ single

Rob McHale/Back Home/Fields

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Ellis /Freedom            /Tigers Above Tigers Below

Andrew Adkins/Throw Down Your Guns/...To Become Immortal Then Die

The Old Time String /   Take Me Away/Cat's Got the Measles

Kate Rusby/The Wild Goose/Ten

Curtis & Loretta/What Each One Needs/When There's Good To Be Done

Efrat/Keep On The Sunny Side/The Silver Lining

Hezekiah Goode/Get That Fiddle Fired Up/Two Billion Acres Of Salt

Montgomery Delaney/Power Of Women/Walking In The Light

Martin Grosswendt And Susanne Salem-Schatz/It Hurts Me/Old Songs, New Hats

Sally Barris/ Somebody Misses You/The Road in Me

Si Kahn and the Looping Brothers/Sunday Evening/Aragon Mill

Jefferson Ross/Sore Fingertips/Dogwood Cats

Julie Miller/Two Soldiers/Broken Things

John Gorka/Winter Cows/Before Beginning

David Massengill/When The Sun Goes Down/Simone and Zelda's Fairy Apple Tree Adventure Part 2 CD4

The New Zeitgeist/Only Love/ Myths And Mortals

Citizen Jane/ Stay /In The Storm

Silver Torches/Let It Be A Dream/Let It Be A Dream

Daniel Crabtree/I'm On My Way To Gloryland/In The Shadow Of His Wings

Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn/Come All You Coal Miners/Echo In The Valley

Jeni Hankins/The Shipping News/The Oxygen Girl

Yusuf/Northern Wind (Death Of Billy The Kid)/The Laughing Apple

Buskin & Batteau/Tonight We Are Everywhere/Red Shoes & Golden Hearts

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Timothy Zieger/Moon Song/North Light

Michael and Jennifer McLain/Do I Ever Cross Your Mind/Hit The Road And Go

Matt Patershuk            /Sparrows/Same As I Ever Have Been

Janie Barnett & Blue Room/Wrap Me Up/You See This River

Bett Padgett/At The End Of The Day/At The End Of The Day

Yusuf/Grandsons/The Laughing Apple

Shawna Caspi/Brave Parade/Forest Fire

The Tokens/The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)/Folk Hits Of The 60s

Daniel Crabtree/I'm On My Way To Gloryland/In The Shadow Of His Wings

Patty Larkin/If I Were Made of Metal/Step Into the Light

Antje Duvekot/ Chalk In The Rain/Toward The Thunder

Night Tree/Wheel In The Forest/Night Tree

Guy Clark/If I Needed You/Somedays the Song Writes You

Kirsten Maxwell/All I Am/Crimson

Dennis Dougherty/Dancing In The Kitchen/Songs From The Dog House

Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers/Romeo's Tune/An American Troubadour: The Songs Of Steve Forbert

Mark Stepakoff/I Didnt Come This Far To Only Come This Far/Any Port In A Storm

Silver Torches Let It Be A Dream/Let It Be A Dream

Ruston Kelly/Black Magic /Halloween

Stuart Markus/I Wish I Were Gay/Welcome To Sunny Nassau (County, Long Island)

Michelle Lewis/Paris/Paris

Yusuf/You Can Do (Whatever)!/The Laughing Apple


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Nanci Griffith/From a Distance/Lone Star State of Mind

Elliott Peck/Goin' Down To Laurel/An American Troubadour: The Songs Of Steve Forbert

Megan Palmer/Running On Love/An American Troubadour: The Songs Of Steve Forbert

Terry Kitchen/Enjoy It While It Lasts/ The Quiet Places

Emily Barnes/Alongside Lonely/Let in the Light

Guy Clark/Cornmeal Waltz/My Favotite Pictures of You

Eric Gerber/Out In The Country/Eric Gerber Three

Dave Nachmanoff/Spinoza's Dream/Spinoza's Dream

Crowes Pasture/Edge Of America/Edge Of America

Katie Dahl Eric Lewis And Rich Higdon/I Am A Camera/Solid Ground The Songs Of Fred Alley

Hank Stone/The River Says/Painting Tomorrows Skies Blue

Kelly Fitzgerald/Thinkin'/An American Troubadour: The Songs Of Steve Forbert

Aztec Two Step/ One Hundred Thousand Bands/Naked

Ashley Riley/Can’t LetYouGo /Can’t Let You Go

Anne Sumner & Stephen Nurse/Wish You Were/Doesn't Take Much EP

Abby Lappen/Shucking an Oyster/Edge of Time

Young and Rusty/Shadow On The Wall/Comeback Coming On

Shawna Caspi/The Love I Know/Forest Fire

The Wailin' Jennys/Glory Bound/Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House


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Dina Maccabee /The Photograph/Land So Sweet - Instrumental Tunes From Sweet Land, The Musical

Anna Tivel/Saturday Night/Small Believer

Bill Booth/City Of Rubble/Some Distant Shore

Emily Mure/Waiting For Change/Worth

Uncle Bonsai/The Rise and Fall of an Inevitable Clown/The Family Feast

Chip Taylor/The Last Video/Block Out The Sirens Of This Lonely World

Chuck Brodsky /Trees Falling /Two Sets - Set Two

Craig Bickhardt/If He Came Back Again/Live At Sellersville Theater

Cry Cry Cry/The Last Thing On My Mind/Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village In The 60's

Cyndi Lauper & Sarah McLachlan/Time After Time/The Body Acoustic

Cliff Eberhardt /I Want You/A Nod To Bob: An Artists' Tribute To Bob Dylan On His Sixtieth Birthday

Christine Lavin /Please Dont Hand Me Your Baby/Spaghettification

Colter Wall/Me And Big Dave/Colter Wall

The Copper Ponies/Why Worry/Ring Them Bells

David Massengill/The Return/The Return

Andy & Judy/Orphan Train Lament/This Old Town

Loretta Hagen/Ladders/Lucky Stars

Tim Grimm/These Rollin' Hills/A Stranger In This Time

Chris Elliott/Jesus, My Son/Chris Elliott

David Roth/Ego Trip/ Think Twice

Noel Paul Stookey/Nukes R Nuts/AT Home: The Maine

Direct download: episode2032420-2093A303A172C205.2820PM.mp3
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Sylvia Bullett/Here/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/Earth / Single

Sylvia Bullett/Sounds Good To Me/Sounds Good To Me

Sylvia Bullett/Falling/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/It Wouldn't Be A Lie/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/Flying Machine/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/Life Is But A Dream/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/Sweet Ether/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/Optical Illusion/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/In Your Stride/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/Are You Listening/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/Song Of The Reed/Flying Machine

Sylvia Bullett/Find Me/Flying Machine

Direct download: Episode2032320Sylvia20Bullett20-2093A223A172C201.3220PM.mp3
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Emily Mure/Worth/Worth

Emily Mure/Where I Began/Where I Began

Emily Mure/Something That Grows/Odyssey

Emily Mure/Mexico/Odyssey

Emily Mure/Ireland To Me/Where I Began

Emily Mure/Waiting For Change/Worth

Emily Mure/ Come Clean/Worth

Emily Mure/Roommates Predicament/ Worth

Emily Mure/Cope And Thread/Worth

Emily Mure/Almost Everything/Worth

Emily Mure/David/Worth

Emily Mure/Already Are/Worth

Direct download: Emily20mure2023320-2093A293A172C208.4920AM.mp3
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Alice Howe/In Arms/The Clearing

Steve Earle/City Of Immigrants/Washington Square Serenade

Dori Freeman/Make You My Own/Letters Never Read

Billy Strings/On the Line/Turmoil & Tinfoil

Dina Maccabee /The Photograph/Land So Sweet - Instrumental Tunes From Sweet Land, The Musical

Bob Wright & Bill Doerge/When the Wild Geese Return (Featuring Bob Harris) /Hamburger Sandwich

Shawna Caspi/Tennessee Waltz/Forest Fire

Ben Harper/Farmer's Daughter/Childhood Home

Joan Osborne/One of Us/Relish

Tom Chapin/A Jangle In The Air/Common Ground

Laurie Lewis/Barstow (Featuring Tom Rozum & Nina Gerber)            One Evening in May

Jeffrey Martin/Hand on a Gun/One Go Around

Carolann Solebello/Put Down the Gun/Steel and Salt

Anna Tivel/Illinois/Small Believer

George Mann & Friends/One Piece At A Time (Joe Jenks)/Until You Come Home: Songs To Heal The Wounds Of War

Sean McConnell/Queen Of Saint Mary's Choir /Undone

Kat Goldman/ Don't Know Where I'm Bound/The Workingman's Blues

KC Groves / Keep on Lookin'/Something Familiar

Vincent Cross/ OUT OF MY HEAD/ Home Away from Home

Vincent Cross/Alone/Old Songs For Modern Folk

Amilia K. Spicer/ Train Wreck/Wow and Flutter



Direct download: episode2032220-2093A253A172C208.5720AM.mp3
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Shawna Caspi/Love In A Moving Van/ Forest Fire

Kat Goldman/It's Ovaaah/The Workingman's Blues

Bill Booth/Wild Geese /Some Distant Shore

Chris Hillman/Different Rivers/Bidin' My Time

Charles Lyonhart/Sweet Release/Down To The Hard Line

The Wailin’ Jennys/Swing Low Sail High/Bright Morning Stars

Bill Staines/The Philosopher's Song/The Second Million Miles

Amy Soucy and Sharon Goldman/Cool Morning/This River

Chuck Brodsky /Letters In The Dirt/Two Sets - Set Two

Corin Raymond/Take Me To The Mountain/Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams

Alice Howe/Homeland Blues/You've Been Away So Long

Mipso/Cry Like Somebody/Coming Down The Mountain

Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers/Santa Fe /“The Long-Awaited Album”

The Stapletons/ Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Ballads And Battles

Jackie Greene/Modern Lives/The Modern Lives - Vol 1

Jeffrey Martin/What We're Marching Toward/ One Go Around

Bill Scorzari.Shelter From The Wind/Through These Waves

Van William. Revolution.The Revolution EP

Bob Wright & Bill Doerge.The Falling Song (Featuring Bob Harris & Gary Oleyar)/Hamburger Sandwich

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams/Midnight Highway/Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams


Direct download: episode2032020-2093A163A172C204.4520PM.mp3
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