Phil Cohen|Patricia Ford/End Of The Line/Threads Of Gold

Wildfire/Home Again/Rented Room On Broadway

Blues Mafia/Like A Mining Man/Hanging Tree

Bill Steely And Where's Dave/Through The Years/This Is Love

Robin Greenstein and Cecilia Kirtland /We Wish You A Merry Christmas/Songs of the Season (11_9_10)

Neil Steven Morris/Cross My Heart/All Over The World

Kelly's Lot/Colours Of December /single

Ben Rounds/Don't Take Your Loving/On The Jukebox

Emily Barnes/Don't Let Me Go/Beautiful Goodbyes

Ben Bedford/Scioto/The Pilot And The Flying Machine

Townes Van Zandt/She Came and She Touched Me/A Gentle Evening With Townes Van Zandt [Live]

Julie Parisi Kirby/Christopher O'rordan/In Her Dream

Terry Kitchen/Perelli's Barbershop/The Post-American Century

Neptune's Car/Diamond Pond/Strawberry Moon

Wes Weddell/The Movie That Plays in My Head/Nobody's Flag

Arthur Davenport/The Great Mystery/Whispering to the Wind

The Piedmont Melody Makers /Kentucky Home/Wonderful World Outside

William Duke/Abide In Faith/The Gift #2

Ellis/I'm On Fire/The Guest House

Mick West/Will ye go tae Flanders /The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk

Katie Dahl/In The Dark/single

Bob Dylan/Fourth Time Around /The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert (Live)

Red Horse/Forget to Breathe /Red Horse

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