Hannah Shira Naiman/Know The Mountain/Know The Mountain

Leslie Nuchow /An Eye for an Eye (Will Leave the Whole World Blind)/Balm for Gilead

Chicago Farmer/Farms & Factories/Midwest Side Stories

Paul Sachs/The Witness/Love Is Love


Courtney Granger/My New Year Starts Today/Beneath Still Waters

Katherine Rondeau / The Rails/New Hope Chateau

Paddy Mills/It's Getting Cold/The Good Life

Hugh Morrison/Auld Triangle /Prison Ballads

Sumner Anderson/Solid Ground/Out Along The Bend

Joe K. Walsh/Red Skies/Borderland

Jake Bugg/Someplace/Jake Bugg

Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur/The Boll Weevil/Penny's Farm

Erika Kulnys/Angel On The Road/Rise Up

Dan Frechette And Laurel Thomsen/The Rain Don't Need These Flowers/Back Down The Aisle/Between The Rain

Red Tail Ring/Yarrow/ Fall Away Blues

Michael Howard/Song In A Solemn Key/Gasoline Dream

John Flynn/Standing Ovation/Mercy

Joe Giacoio/God Knows/I Sing the Body Acoustic

Joan Baez & Emmylou Harris/Hard Times Come Again No More/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Runrig/And The Accordions Played/50 Great Songs

Free The Honey/Come Up To The Mountain   /Fine Bloom


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