Adrian + Meredith/Old Midwestern Tune/More Than A Little

Hazel Dickens/The Ballad of Ira Hayes/By the Sweat of My Brow

John Malcolm Penn/Lake Elsinore/L.A. Blues

Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas/Ghost Riders In The Sky/Susie Blue and The Lonesome Fellas

Dennis Caraher/To Tune A Guitar/The Kingdom Of Summer

Patrick Sampson/Everosa/The Wanderer

Jessica Graae/Bring The Rain/Sea Dream

Zak Smith/K (Part 2)/The Precambrian Age

Martin Grosswendt And Susanne Salem-Schatz/It Hurts Me/Old Songs, New Hats

Joey+Rory/Remember Me/His and Hers

Monica Rizzio/A Little Time/Washashore Cowgirl

Jeff Scroggins & Colorado/Sometimes Dig For Taters/Ramblin Feels Good

Pharis and Jason Romero/There's No Companion/A Wanderer I'll Stay

Gordie Tentrees/Wheel Girl/Less Is More

Gathering Time/The Touch Of Your Hand/Keepsake

Danny Greenberg/Lost And Found/Morning Song

Elaine Romanelli/Heart Has To Know/The Hour Before

David Maloney /Don't Think Twice Revisisted/My Father's Shoulders

Noah Zacharin /Woman's Tears/Strange Rider

Bill Staines/Mama Lou/Old Dogs

The Belle Hollows/Come The Mornin'/Miller's Creek

Ben Bedford/Long Blue Hills/The Pilot And The Flying Machine

Tom Russell/The Rose Of Roscrae/Rose Of Roscrae Radio Mix Promotional

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