Greg Trooper/Sometimes It Takes A Hurricane/Straight Down Rain

Hugh Morrison/Banks O' The Ohio/Prison Ballads

Sumner Anderson/Annalee/Out Along The Bend

David Crosby/Things We Do For Love/Lighthouse

The Andrew Collins Trio/Firmaments/ And It Was Good

Glen Hornblast/True Blue Forever/Once in a Blue Moon

Caleb Klauder/Coming On Strong/Innocent Road

Gozer Goodspeed/Raise & Not Lose/The Rattlebone Colour EP

Terri Hendrix/Bury The Devil/ The Slaughterhouse Sessions

Oak Street Blues/Michelle/La Grande Station

Caroline Doctorow/The Dangling Conversation/Dreaming in Vinyl

Jack Grelle/These Walls/Got Dressed Up To Be Let Down

Katherine Rondeau/Long Ago, Far Away/New Hope Chateau

Ron Renninger /The Dream And The Memory/The Man Who Became A Song

Anne Sumner/Renegades/Renegades

Katie Mcnally/Down The Burn, Davie Lad/The Boston States

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc/Deliverance/Deliverance

Michael Johnathon/Garden of Eden/The Dream

Glen Hornblast/Loretta/Once in a Blue Moon


Good Intentions/Hard Times Have Come Again/The Long Unbroken Line


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