Mara Levine/Killing The Blues/Jewels and Harmony

Sam Bayer/Salvation/The Great Indoors

Joe K. Walsh/Red Skies/Borderland

Dar Williams/Iowa /Many Great Companions

Roly Salley, Pat Alger, Artie Traum/Killing the Blues/The Rounder Records Story: Disc One

Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts/The Recruited Collier/The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc/The Hen Hunt/Deliverance

Caleb Klauder/Coming On Strong/Innocent Road

John Prine/Killing The Blues/Pink Cadillac

Simon Scardanelli/ Whirlwind/Make Us Happy

Jaime Michaels /Once Upon A Different Time /Once Upon A Different Time

Michael Johnathon/Garden of Eden/The Dream

The Black Lillies/The Fall/Runaway Freeway Blues

Annie & The Hedonists/Killing The Blues/Good Old Wagon

Pony Hunt/Lay Me Down/Heart Creak

Laura Cortese/Laura Cortese – All In Always, The Dyslexic Undresser, Coffee Drunk/All in Always

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss/ Killing The Blues/Raising Sand

Copper Family /Come Write Me Down, Ye Powers Above /The Ultimate Guide to English Folk

Kat Goldman/Annabel/The Great Disappearing Act

Loretta Hagen/The Fall Wind/Erstwhile

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem/Fall River/Some Bright Morning

Jody Carver and Johnny Cucci/Autumn Leaves/Hot Club of America in Hi Fi

Chip Taylor with Audrey Martells/Sleep With Open Windows/Little Prayers

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