Dan Johnson /Magic Guitar/Magic Guitar

Dan Johnson/I Won't Hide You/Magic Guitar

Dan Johnson/Wild Rover/Magic Guitar

Millpond Moon/The Barflies/Broke In Brooklyn

Millpond Moon/Blowin' In The Wind            /Broke In Brooklyn

Millpond Moon/Life Is A Riddle/Broke In Brooklyn

David Maloney            /Some Things Are Meant To Be/My Father's Shoulders

David Maloney            /His Irish Heart/My Father's Shoulders

David Maloney            /My Father's Shoulders/My Father's Shoulders

Anne Sumner/Tide Will Turn/These Hours

Anne Sumner/These Hours/These Hours

Anne Sumner/Be With You/These Hours

Dave Rudolf/Missing You/Let It Roll

Dave Rudolf/Get In The Game/Let It Roll

Dave Rudolf/That Girls Not Right/Let It Roll

Joan Baez & David Bromberg/ Freight Train/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Joan Baez & Judy Collins/Diamonds & Rust/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Joan Baez & Paul Simon/The Boxer/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Ivas John/Can't Help but Wonder Where I'm Bound/ Good Days a Comin'

Ivas John/Things Ain't Been the Same/Good Days a Comin'

Ivas John/Sunday Morning Blues/Good Days a Comin'

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Anne Sumner/Solid Ground/These Hours

Patrick Sampson/The Wanderer/The Wanderer

Dan Johnson/Storms At My Door/Magic Guitar

Gordie Tentrees/Broken Hero/Less Is More

Julie Parisi/Laughter Of The Babe/In Her Dream

Carrington MacDuffie/My Little Guitar/Crush On You

Marci Geller/Save Me/Square Peg

Ilya Toshinskiy /At the End of the Day/Red Grass

Sammy Walker/ The Ballad of Ira Hayes/In Concert

Roosevelt Dime/Red Shoes/Red Shoes

Donal Hinely/Hey Sunshine/Dark Horse Days

Dave Rudolf/Gandy Dancers/ Let It Roll

An Eagle in your Mind/ Mimosa/Sunday

Dave Rudolf/Protesting Protesters/All Folked Up Volume 3

Bumper Jacksons/Delta Bound/Too Big World

Eva Cassidy/Time After Time/ Time After Time

Terence Martin /Orphanage Trees/Waterproof

Joan Baez & Mary Chapin Carpenter/Catch the Wind/ Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Joan Baez & Indigo Girls/Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right/Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris & Jackson Browne/Deportee/ Joan Baez 75th Birthday Celebration

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Brother Sun/Eclipse/Weights & Wings

Eric Schwartz/Angel On A Harley/Click

FREEBO/I Ain't Runnin' No More/If Not Now When

Gina Forsyth/Promised Land/Promised Land

Heather Maloney/Darlene/Heather Maloney

Matt Nakoa/You Are My Moonshine/A Dozen Other Loves

Mike + Ruthy/Long Way Home/The Honeymoon Agenda

Patty Larkin/Island of Time/Shelter:The Best Of Contemporary Singer-Songwriters [Disc 2]

Peter Mulvey/Shirt/Signature Sounds 10th Anniversary Collection [Disc 1]

Scott Wolfson And Other Heroes/We Will All Die Together/Welcoming The Flood

Sonia Of Disappear Fear/Love Out Loud/Broken Film

The Slambovian Circus of Dreams/Flapjacks from the Sky/A Box of Everything

Tom Rush/No Regrets/The Circle Game

David Maloney/ Don't Think Twice Revisisted/My Father's Shoulders

Stuart Kabak/Mom's Guitar/No Matter Where You're Going

Gathering Time/Broken Chain/Keepsake

The Greenbriar Boys/Gotta Travel On/Big Apple Bluegrass

Greg Trooper/Steel Deck Bridge/Incident on Willow Street

Ana Egge & The Sentimentals/Falling, Falling, Falling/Say That Now

Vincent Cross/Alone/Old Songs For Modern Folk

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Cheryl Wheeler            /If It Were Up To Me/ Sylvia Hotel

Sammy Walker            /Guns And Guns And Guns/Old Time Southern Dream

Matthew Good            /Guns of Carolina /Live on Q

10,000 Maniacs/ Gun Shy/In My Tribe

Carlene Carter feat Elizabeth Cook/Blackie's Gunman/Carter Girl

Danny Schmidt/Guns & The Crazy Ones/Owls

Grant Peeples/Gunning For The Buddha/Prior Convictions

Jon Brooks/Gun Dealer/The Smiling And Beautiful Countryside

The Celtic Connection /Molly Bawn/The Best of Irish Newfoundland Favourites

Chris Wood/Hollow Point/Handmade Life

Elton John/My Father's Gun/Tumbleweed Connection (Remastered)

Marty Robbins /Streets of Laredo/Marty Robbins' All-Time Greatest Hits

Warren Zevon/ Lawyers, Guns and Money/Excitable Boy

Rob McHale/Fire and the Guns/Fields

Jason Ringenberg /With Steve Earle/Bible And A Gun/The Grass Is Always Bluer

The Kennedys/ Can't Kill Hope With A Gun/Evolver

Spider John Koerner & Dave Ray/Delia/A Nod To Bob: An Artists' Tribute To Bob Dylan On His Sixtieth Birthday

Mark Knopfler/ Cleaning My Gun/Get Lucky

John Gorka/My Invisible Gun /Between Five And Seven

Carolann Solebello/Put Down the Gun/Steel and Salt

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Ray Duncan/Just Add Water/This Road

Ray Duncan/Walk Away/This Road

Ray Duncan/This Road/This Road

Spook Handy/Hobos Lullaby/Keep The Flame Alive

Spook Handy/So Long, Its Been Good To Know Yuh/Keep The Flame Alive

Spook Handy/My Rainbow Race/Keep The Flame Alive

Ana Egge & The Sentimentals /He's A Killer Now (Live)/Say That Now

Ana Egge & The Sentimentals /Falling, Falling, Falling/Say That Now

Ana Egge & The Sentimentals/The Girl From The Banks Of The Ohio/Say That Now

Crowes Pasture/Madison/Crowes Pasture

Crowes Pasture/Best Believe/Crowes Pasture

Crowes Pasture/Pastures Of Plenty/Crowes Pasture

Melissa Menago/Can't Help Falling In Love Beyond The Sea/Little Crimes

Melissa Menago/Danger Zone/Little Crimes

Melissa Menago/Hallelujah/Little Crimes

Laura Oden/Slow Go Day/Alchemy

Laura Oden/Sophie Don't/Alchemy

Laura Oden/Dona Nobis Pacem/Alchemy

The Avett Brothers/The Weight of Lies/Emotionalism

The Avett Brothers/Tear Down the House/The Second Gleam

The Avett Brothers/Head Full of Doubt Road Full of Promise (Live At Bojangles' Coliseum2009/The Avett Brothers - Live, Vol. 3

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Coty Hogue/Sweet Sebastian/Flight

Coty Hogue/Dreams/Flight

Coty Hogue/Redtail/Flight

Dave Murphy/My Forgotten Life/American Landscape

Dave Murphy/White Lines And Skylines/American Landscape

Dave Murphy/Rochester/American Landscape

Noah Wall/Death Don't Have No Mercy/Down Home Blues

Noah Wall/Trouble in Mind/Down Home Blues

Noah Wall/Down by the Riverside/Down Home Blues

Highwaymen/ Highwaymen/Live - American Outlaws

Highwaymen/ Desperados Waiting For A Train/Live - American Outlaws

Highwaymen/ Big River/Live - American Outlaws

Rebekah Long/Here I Am/Here I Am

Rebekah Long/He's Never Coming Back Again/Here I Am

Rebekah Long/I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew/Here I Am

Sloan Wainwright/Dreams Don't Count/Uncovering

Sloan Wainwright/Something So Right/Uncovering

Sloan Wainwright/This Isn't Kindness/ Uncovering

Lenne Klingaman/The Heart Is The Hunter/The Heart Is The Hunter

Lenne Klingaman/Louisiana 1927/The Heart Is The Hunter

Lenne Klingaman/Over The Rainbow/ The Heart Is The Hunter

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Greg Trooper/Muhammad Ali (The Meaning of Christmas)/Floating

Ray Duncan/Wait For You/This Road

Jude Johnstone/ Shatter/Shatter

Spook Handy/Banks Of Marble/Keep The Flame Alive

Ivas John/Can't Help but Wonder Where I'm Bound/ Good Days a Comin'

Ana Egge & The Sentimentals/ Promises To Break/Say That Now

Joel Zoss/Oh, Jerusalem/Lila

Laura Oden/One Tattoo Girl/Alchemy

Hege Brynildsen/ Lovely Charming Ways /When My Man Comes to Town

Dan Johnson/Binghamton/Magic Guitar

Melissa Menago/Traveler/Little Crimes

The Bills/Happy Be/Trail of Tales

Crowes Pasture/Song To Woody/Crowes Pasture

Johnny Ray/The Little White Cloud That Cried/The Best Of Johnny Ray

Millpond Moon/Broke In Brooklyn/Broke In Brooklyn

The Wailin' Jennys/Bold Riley /Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House

Jason Wilber/ Echoes/Echoes

Quiles & Cloud/Mississippi River/Beyond The Rain

Joe Giacoio/Jury Of My Peers /I Love Hamburgers

Fraser & Girard/Match Stick Man/Fraser & Girard

Brother Sun/Mighty Mighty River/Weights & Wings

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Jenai Huff/Unfinished Life/Transitions

Jenai Huff/Living My Dreams/Grace And Elbow Grease (live)

Jenai Huff/Just Like Me/Living My Dreams

Jenai Huff/Now It's Time/Color Wheel

Jenai Huff/Old Man/Color Wheel

Jenai Huff/What's Going On/Color Wheel

Jenai Huff/ Open Wide/Color Wheel

Jenai Huff/Grace And Elbow Grease /Grace And Elbow Grease (live)

Jenai Huff/Come Home/Grace And Elbow Grease (live)

Jenai Huff/Time Stood Still/Color Wheel



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Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler/Brothers In Arms/The Best Of Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler Private Investigations Special Edition (CD 1)

Carrie Rodriguez & The Sacred Hearts /The West Side/Lola

David Francey/ Crucible/Empty Train

Monica Rizzio/On My Way /Washashore Cowgirl

David Roth/Hold Steady/So Far, So Good

Kaity Rae/This Time Around/Before I knew

The Regulators /Dancing Alone/One Of These Days

Mary Beth Cross/Threshing Time/Feels Like Home

Rebekah Long /He's Never Coming Back Again/Here I Am

Eric Andersen/Hymn Of Waves/Waves (great American Song Series Vol. 2)

Ilya Toshinskiy /Melissa's Song/Red Grass

Chloe Ray/Someone Good/The Waiting Room

Gilles Malkine/Jack Of Hearts /TimeDog

Sloan Wainwright/Dear George/Uncovering

Linda Draper/Keep Your Head Up/Modern Day Decay

Chip Taylor/The Supreme Court/Little Prayers (disc3)

Noah Wall/Down by the Riverside/Down Home Blues

Nicole Coward/ Will You/Why dont you care

Joe Crookston/ The Nazarene/ Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee

Lenne Klingaman/Everywhere I Go/The Heart Is The Hunter

John Prine/Illegal Smile/John Prine

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