Marianne Girard/Train of Love/Pirate Days

Marianne Girard/Angel in the Snow/Pirate Days

Marianne Girard/Amanda On the Train/Pirate Days

Allan Fraser/ Time so Long/Supermoon

Allan Fraser/Dance Hall Girls/Supermoon

Allan Fraser/The Snowdrift Song/Supermoon

Kaia Kater/Nine Pin/Nine Pin

Kaia Kater/Harlem's Little Blackbird/Nine Pin

Kaia Kater/Petit Chagrin/Nine Pin

Lucy Wainwright Roche & Suzzy Roche/Cold October Day/Mud & Apples

Lucy Wainwright Roche & Suzzy Roche/Bleecker Street/Mud & Apples

Lucy Wainwright Roche & Suzzy Roche/Dinner Out/Mud & Apples

Patrick Sampson/Higher Tides/The Wanderer

Patrick Sampson/Into the Wind/The Wanderer

Patrick Sampson/Hero/The Wanderer

Linda Draper/Good As New/Modern Day Decay

Linda Draper/Keep Your Head Up/Modern Day Decay

Linda Draper/Modern Day Decay/Modern Day Decay

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